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Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Stephen wonders if he ended up in this Limbo while he was drowning. I don't know, Stephen. Were you baptized? Irene asks how close they got in their experiments. The short story is, they didn't. John and Irene are still inclined to believe that Stephen was hallucinating due to oxygen deprivation. Stephen is adamant that he truly saw his father. He just needs to find a way to get back there, again. What pisses me off is that he's going to be right. We cut to the...

SUPE LAIR. Russell brings Jed some food. Jed had earlier joked about wanting steak from Luger's, but Russell says he's serving him sewer rat. It just looks like steak though. Jed makes sure to undermine Russell's confidence, by saying things like he ended up on babysitting duty, and is doing a job that could be done by a dog. He also sows seeds of discord by talking about John's controlling nature. Russell seems to know what Jed is up to, but going by his expression, he's not having an easy time shrugging it off.

Eventually, Jed pretends to choke. Russell yells for help, then gets behind Jed (who is strapped to a chair) in order to help him. Jed hits Russell in the head with his food tray, and even though he's bound he manages to flip Russell over his shoulder and onto the floor in front of him, where he proceeds to use his wrist tie to strangle our snarky SUPE. Cara runs in on foot, sees what's happening and then teleports across the frigging room, to free Russell. It's ridiculous and I'm angry such a potentially kick-ass character is being written this way. Jed says, "Well, well, well. Looks like that needle didn't take, after all." Cara and Russell exchange a sheepish look. Well, I'm assuming they do, but I'm too busy rolling my eyes to focus on the screen.

Cara finds John in the Nerve Center. "It was reveal my powers or watch Russell get strangled." As a cover story, she told Jed they'd found an antidote to the anti-SUPE serum, but she doubts he bought it. John says if Jed gets free, Stephen is dead. Cara says, "Unless Jedikiah never gets free." Oh, come on. You can't kill of Mark Pellegrino. If you do, Matthew Fox is going to end up as his replacement, and when he dies, Vincent will get all sad.

Back at Ultra, Nameless and Stephen enter the room where Founder and the others are still trying to hone in on Jed's psychic scent. Founder says Jed is being held underground, perhaps in a subway station. He doesn't know which one, but it won't take long.

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Tomorrow People




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