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Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Stephen has been watching the interrogation from the Nerve Center. When the others find him, he's all I knew it. Since Crick is Thanatos, there's a good chance Stephen didn't dream up his encounter with his father. Maybe Roger is still out there. Apparently Jed revealed that Crick is in Bar Harbor, Maine. Russell says it's time to travel. Irene wants in, but Cara says she's still recovering. Irene argues that she's the resident Physics expert, so she's going.

Back at Ultra, The Founder berates Nameless and the TAC team for their negligence, and then asks the telepathy experts for an update on Jed. One of them says the situation is unchanged. "As you know, there's no definitive protocol for locating a SAP. We simply look until we locate." Founder rants about how Jed, their leader, takes SAP as a horrible slur. It seems to get under Founder's skin too, even though I'm pretty sure he's a SUPE. Off a nod of Founder's head, an agent approaches the telepathy expert and rips the cable and port from his neck. The SUPE falls to the floor -- dead. Wow, and Stephen wasn't even on the premises. Founder takes a seat and plugs a cable into his own neck port. He assures us it's more comfortable than it looks, then orders everyone back to work. Commercial.

We return to a quaint cabin in Maine. Aldus Crick is played by Nicholas Young, who played John in the original iteration of this show and he's delightful. Also delightful is John's tickled expression as he (accompanied by Stephen and Irene) listens to Crick. Crick reveals he was working as a behavioral scientist at Princeton, where Jed was a… whatever kind of biologist he is. Jed promised to introduce Crick to someone who would blow his mind. That someone was Roger, who could also stop time. Stephen says his uncle told him he was the only one. Crick allows that Jed is sometimes less than truthful, and also confirms that Jed was always jealous of Roger.

Jealousy made Jed vulnerable to the Founder among others. Crick says Roger didn't trust "them," but I'm not sure if is including Jed, when he says he and Roger kept their work secret. Crick theorized that there could be an unknown dimensional plane, that could be accessed by stopping time while teleporting. " that lag between takeoff and arrival, one would arrive in time out of time." He beams as he adds, "A place we named Limbo." When the young Americans fall silent, Crick stammers, "Well, not our most creative moment." Hee. He's adorable. Can we just have the Crick and John show? I would watch the hell out of that.

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