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Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

A few black SUVs pull up in front of a brick building. When Stephen and the other Ultra agents get out of the vehicles, Ben Hollingsworth's Nameless gives the orders. Their target should be considered hostile. Their primary objective is rescuing Jed, but there are bonus points for anyone who also captures the breakout. I wonder if there will be gold stars, too. Stephen is given a walkie-talkie. He'll stay outside and monitor the area with his "Spidey sense" and report to Nameless if he picks up anything. Nameless leads the other agents inside, while Stephen remains on the sidewalk, looking like the big, awkward dork he kind of is.

Inside Morgan's apartment, the agents find a half-eaten sandwich. While Nameless silently directs them to spread out, we cut outside, where Stephen's still dorking it up at least until Morgan teleports onto the sidewalk about 20 feet away. Inside, the agents aren't having much luck, because as we already know Morgan is outside so Nameless radios Stephen and asks if there's any sign of the target inside. Isn't Nameless a SUPE? Why did I think he was a SUPE?

True to form, Stephen ignores Nameless and chases after Morgan. He follows her down an alley. She knows Stephen saw her TP onto the sidewalk, so it makes little sense that she doesn't teleport away again. Stephen finally catches up and grabs Morgan. They struggle until he slaps a power suppression cuff on her wrist. Well actually, it looks more like power suppression handcuffs. I definitely think there's some power suppression going on.

While Morgan begs Stephen to let her go, Stephen tries to get her to calm down in one of the most ineffective ways possible -- by shouting at her to take it easy. Morgan can't understand how "he" could do this to her. Stephen asks how she knows his uncle. Morgan looks around. Wishing she was still on Popular -- yes, even Season 2 -- her eyes fill with tears. She confesses to Stephen that she loves Jed. "I thought he felt the same." Nameless radios Stephen again, so Stephen lies that there's no sign of the target. Morgan is pleasantly surprised. Stephen frees her and says, "My uncle didn't order this. You still need to go." Morgan TPs away. Commercial.

After the break, John, Cara and Russell again approach Jed. To get him to talk this time, they reveal they know he's sleeping with a SUPE. They know her name and address. If Jed doesn't start talking, they'll share this information with Ultra. Jed tells the gang that Thanatos is a nickname for one Aldus Crick -- he's Dr. Death. Jed is surprised to hear TIM spout out Crick intel. John smirks and admits they stole TIM. Jed shrugs it and TIM off as the 8-track of Artificial Intelligence. TIM snits that he's not done and continues spewing Crick facts. Crick was dismissed from Princeton in 1994, which is when he went to work with Roger and Jed. While Crick was regarded as a nut, Jed recognized his genius. Under his direction, Roger and Jed began performing dangerous experiments. At that, John squirms, but that doesn't slow Jed's info dump. Crick has many enemies in Ultra. "If I tell you where he is, he's a dead man." Russell again uses Morgan as leverage.

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Tomorrow People




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