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Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Stephen returns to the lair and tells Cara about Founder, and the hooked-up psychics. He says John is right. They have to get Jed out of there. Cara wants one more crack at Jed's head. Stephen tries to make her understand how urgent this is. He tells her to forget about Thanatos. Cara plays the, "Forget about your father," card. She needs Stephen's help in throwing Ultra off of Jed's psychic scent. Her term, not mine. She tells him that while she was in Jed's head the first time, she saw a woman and it's clear Jed wants this woman kept secret.

Back at Ultra, the telepathy experts are honing in on Jed's psychic scent, when Stephen returns and tells Founder he has lead on Jed's disappearance. He tells him Jed was pursuing a breakout on his own and pulled the file. He brings up an image of Morgan. I guess we're just supposed to accept that some combination of Cara and TIM identified Morgan, but it's way too facile for me. Founder chides Stephen about snooping through Jed's private files. Stephen says he'll do whatever it takes to find his uncle. Founder dispatches the boy to round up a tactical team and pursue the breakout to her last known address, then report back. We cut to the...

SUPE Lair. Cara interrogates Jed. Well, she tries. Instead, she ends up punching him. Jed taunts her about her past, including her attempted rape and daddy issues, so Cara pounds the hell out of him until John enters and hauls her off. Once she's alone with John, she tells him that every time she's in Jed's head, he's thinking about John. She says Jed still cares for him and is covering up something. John acts offended, but Cara tells him she forgave him for lying to her once. Whatever it is, it's bound to come. Once it does, she'll have to have sex with Stephen again. That could be a paraphrase.

John brings Jed a towel for his bloody nose and drops it in his lap. Jed thanks him. John just glares. We flash back to...

SIX YEARS EARLIER. We're still in Safe House 46. John assumes his new assignment is just a test, but Jed insists it's real. John is all, "You want me to kill the man who trained me?" Let's just stop pretending we don't already know he must mean Roger (i.e. Stephen's dad). The order has come down from on high. Roger has gone rogue. He's out to destroy Ultra and has already blown up one lab. He's a threat to everyone. John: "Why me?" Since John is a SUPE who can kill, he's the only one with the skills. Jed asks, "Do you trust me?" John for all the world looks like a little boy looking up at his father. Finally, he nods. Jed says, "Then do what needs to be done." We flash to the present.

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Tomorrow People




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