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Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Reluctantly, John aims the gun, pulls the trigger and fires a blank. The kneeling man's arms are no longer bound. He removes his hood, then stands and he and Jed have a good chuckle at John's expense. Jed applauds John for not only having the ability to kill, but the conviction. He hands John a dossier containing his real assignment. As he reads, John's expression grows grim. He turns to Jed. "You can't be serious." The flashback ends.

John finds Cara waiting for him and asks why Jed wanted to talk to him alone. John says Jed wanted his help in escaping, but he said no. Cara says that while she was at Jed's and in his head, she experienced some of his memories of John. "He loved you like a son." John says he had an odd way of showing it. We cut to...

Ultra. Ben Hollingsworth plays an agent (why learn his name when his proximity to Stephen is bound to lead to his death) who leads Stephen through Ultra's halls as he explains what we already know: Jed has been "kidnapped" by SUPES. Nameless leads Stephen to a little shop of horrors, where the telepathic experts are hooked up to a computer via ports in the back of their necks. The needle/cable/instrument of torture things supposedly plug right into a person's brain stem and boost the psychic signal. There's an explanation involving brain signals and frequencies. Please don't make me repeat it. The point is they're looking for Jed's unique (if humanly weak) signal, so they can locate him. I'd actually buy this more easily, if they brought in a witch and had her do a locator spell.

Still wincing at the sight of these telepathic experts, Stephen asks Nameless where they came from. Ironically (to me, anyhow), Nameless says, "I don't know his name. People call him 'The Founder.'" A male British voice comes up behind the men and says, "Do they? Perhaps I should have that printed on my business cards." Nameless scurries away. Brit says, "Hello, Stephen. We've not had the privilege of a formal introduction." Stephen recognizes Brit's voice from the mansion. Oh, he's Mr. Big, who is played by Simon Merrells. The show's non-name for this character is The Founder, who along with Roger and Jed, founded Ultra -- obvo. He recaps how now Stephen's dad is dead and his uncle is missing. "My, what bad luck seems to follow your family around." You should meet his co-workers, Founder, if only most of them weren't dead. Yes, I'm dropping the The, because I hate how this show doesn't use character names in the dialogue. Commercial.

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