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Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Cara is pulled back into the present by Russell, who has been fiddling with some decorative item. I should have put that in quotes, because my TV is at the other end of the room and from here, the item looks like a bowling ball in a bedpan. As Jed stirs, Cara teleports away. Russell is nothing like Ocean's Eleven. Jed is able to turn over, press some security button and grab his gun before Russell can zoop out of there. He starts to TP away, but is bounced right back. Jed says his powers won't work, since he's activated the alarm. We cut to the...

SUPE Lair. Cara arrives and reports that something went wrong. Back at Jed's, Jed asks Russell why he's there. Russell tries to joke his way out of it, so Jed thwacks him upside the head and asks again. Russell fights back. Before Jed's security detail reaches them, he presses the alarm and teleports away. Because Jed is in the process of tackling Russell, he gets a free ride to the SUPE lair.

As random SUPES gather 'round the action, Russell panics to see that Jed hitched a ride and knocks him out cold. Stephen, Cara and John run out of the nerve center, so thrilled to see Russell brought home a playdate.

While discussing what to do about Jed, Stephen gets paged by Ultra and takes off. John wants to get Jed out of there ASAP, but Cara convinces him to let her do some more probing. First she, Russell and John ask Jed about Thanatos, but he deflects their questions and asks to speak to John… alone. After Cara and Russell leave the room, she says she's having trouble getting anything from Jed. Roger must have taught him a thing or two about protecting his thoughts, while they were growing up. That's not fair.

Alone with John, Jed reminds him that it is in both of their interests for Jed to leave. "If certain information came to light, it would be rather unfortunate for all parties involved. It's surprising you even let them read my mind in the first place." John says that thanks to Ultra's ambush at the club, the SUPES already know he can kill. Jed says if they knew the whole truth about John, these "sewer rats" would abandon him. We flash back...

SIX YEARS EARLIER. Jed leads John on his first mission as a now-enhanced operative. In Safe House 46, they find a man on his knees. His head is covered and his hands are bound behind his back. Jed explains the man is guilty of rape, murder and whatever other stuff. He needs John to execute him, because while he knows scientifically that the enhancement worked, he needs to know if John has it in him to get the job done. Jed tells John that he and "The Founder" have been impressed with his progress so far. It's time to take it to the next level.

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Tomorrow People




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