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Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow
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The show is still opening with two recap segments (Stephen's narration about SUPES and Ultra and then the"Previouslies"). Let's skip those shall we and flashback...

SIX YEARS EARLIER, when John wasn't a sewer rat. Instead, he was Ultra's lab rat. The father-son vibe is heavy as Jed encourages his best agent not to serve as a test subject for whatever this malarkey is. The "scientists" and "doctors" lower John's body temperature, hook him up to monitors and inject him with all manner of junk at lethal doses. And then...

Jed wakes in a cold sweat. We're in the present. Jed's SUPE girlfriend, Morgan (Carly Pope) tries to get him to open up. Jed just says there's a lot going on at work, and no he can't tell her about it. Morgan changes the conversation to how they met. She was posing as a psychic on Coney Island. When she read him, she wasn't scared or repulsed. Morgan says she's never met anyone like him. Passionate. Intelligent. Vulnerable. Blah. She says he needs her inside his tangled head. So is she a danger junky or a garden variety sociopath? Anyhow, she tries to get Jed back to bed, but he says it's too risky. We cut to the...

SUPE Lair. Stephen has already told John, Cara and Russell about his "encounter" with his father. When John scoffs at the idea that it could have been real, Stephen tells him he did some digging at Ultra and found some redacted files related to "Thanatos" -- the word Roger used in Stephen's encounter. Stephen says he thinks his dad was in the middle of a big project and that Jed buried all the evidence. Cara volunteers to get into Jed's head. Russell says he can help her break into Jed's well-secured place. "I'm like a one man Ocean's Eleven." John thinks this is way too risky, so of course he turns to the teenager for his opinion. "I assume you're taking her side in this." Stephen knows exactly what John means by this, but ignores it and stays focused. Their whole goal has been to find his father and the refuge. Against John's better judgment, he gives a reluctant okay, "...As long as at the first sign of trouble..." Russell snaps at the bait. "We're off like a bra on prom night."

Stephen, John and TIM monitor Jed's building, bypass the security system and whatever else to allow Russell and Cara entry. Russell has some device that unlocks Jed's door. What I want to know is, how did they know he'd be asleep? How did they know he wouldn't be up watching an old movie or running to the bathroom or adjusting the heat? Whatever. They get in and he is asleep. Cara taps into Jed's mind. She sees flashes of Morgan; Jed with John; Jed shooting someone; Jed and an orderly with a corpse. The flashes turn to an actual flashback scene. Of the corpse, John says, "I guess he wasn't as lucky as me." Jed smiles and asks how he's feeling. John reports feeling well, but he thought he'd feel changed. Jed tells him he will and to rest up for the next phase of his training.

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