Tomorrow People

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Too Much, Too Little, Too Late

Cara: Are you all right?

John: No more secrets.

New York: Aren't I pretty at night?

Stephen, I grab the Dork Detector, but then find Hillary is right outside whatever door that is.

Hillary: It's your door, doofwad, and relax. Your mom didn't see me. Sit down. Working with you has made me soft. All those things I told you...

Stephen: Say no more. Working with you has made me hard. Wink wink. Nudge nudge.

Hillary: You didn't want to catch the breakout. You were subverting the observation.

Stephen: Let's get back to me hard, you soft.

Hillary: So, make-out time?

Stephen: Slurp.

Hillary: Unprofessional!

Stephen: Slurp!

Hillary: Debrief at HQ, in 90 minutes.

Stephen: Then maybe after that we can have a little debrief on the debrief!

Hillary: I'm going to debrief you, so hard.

Readers: Oh no, she didn't.

Recapper: Oh yes, she did.

Stephen: So, whatever, I take my mysterious device...

Audience: Dork detector.

Stephen: That. I take it to Brooklyn. It overreacts outside a butcher shop. I TP in. In a back room, cellar, corridor thingum, it not only flips out, but opens a secured door for me.

Roger's Frozen But Tastefully Obscured Nekkid Corpse: Which is where he finds me.

Stephen: Daddy?

Jed: I loved him too, you know. Here's what I figure happened: Morgan ransacked my brain, shared her discoveries with the Tomorrow People, and now here you are -- a straight line of deceit.

Stephen: You said you cremated him.

Jed: Yes, well, it looks like we both have some explaining to do.

Desi: Lucy!

Lucy: Waaaah!

Title card.

I'll be back with coverage of "End Game." In the meantime, please grade the episode at the top of the page, and then come on over to the show thread, where we compare you to a kiss from a rose.

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