Tomorrow People

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Too Much, Too Little, Too Late

Cara: Out on the roof, I rip off the mask and ask John if Russell got out okay.

John: Yeah. Your plan worked.

Audience: One out of ten ain't bad.

Cara: Want my mask?

John: Keep it. It's kinda hot.

Recapper: *Pukes*

Mallory: In the denouement, I tell Russell it's been cool working with him.

Russell: You're leaving?

Mallory: Do you think I'd willingly stay on this stink bomb? I mean, I get great waitressing jobs. I'm passing the mantle to you. Be great, Russell. *Poof*

Princess Sugar Tits: I always wondered what happened to you.

Russell: Talia?

Princess Sugar Tits: I thought you'd be happy to see me.

Russell: I am, but I have to tell you something.

Princess Sugar Tits: You're the one that turned me in.

Russell: I thought you ripped me off.

Princess Sugar Tits: Anonymous donation to the Las Vegas Youth Center.

Russell: I'm such a douche. Why did you tell your disciples I'm a hero?

Princess Sugar Tits: Because I hoped someday, you would be. Today you proved me right. I only bet on sure things, Russell. You should know that about me.

Russell: *Smoochies*

Princess Sugar Tits: *Smoochies*

Russell: Take me with you. I'm ready to be a hero, full-time.

Princess Sugar Tits: You've got your partners. It's up to you to find your next mission. Goodbye, Russell. *Poof*

Russell: Well, since this episode has minimized my quirks, I'll just pick up the rose Princess Sugar Tits left in her wake and note I need a calling card.

Stephen: I return to the lair STOKED about what we just did.

John: Morgan tried to read your uncle's mind.

Cara: And got caught.

Morgan: I only saw random memories, like your dad and uncle entering a deli.

John: You mean a butcher's shop?

Stephen: Where is it?

John: I was 12.

Cara: Will you FINALLY let me read your mind?

John: If it will shut you up.

Cara: *Reads*

John's Memory: *Trauma trauma trauma trauma trauma STREET SIGNS*

Cara: Broadway and Bedford. Brooklyn.

Stephen: I poof away to the scene of the crime.

Morgan: I stomp off, for reasons unclear to me, since the last time I saw the love of my life, he was choking the life out of me.

John: I wanna hold your hand.

Audience: Are you a Beatle?

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Tomorrow People




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