Tomorrow People

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Too Much, Too Little, Too Late

NOTE: Don't be mad. Pimp! That's what you would have done, anyway.

Russell: I call security and report a theft from my room.

Cara: In the present, I find Russell rushing out, so I ask where he's going.

Russell: I'm done taking orders and being a prisoner. We act like we have to choose between working for them and fighting for them. I say: Rechoose greatness. Who is with me? Whatever. Destiny doesn't ask twice. *Poof*

Morgan: In the hotel room, I turn Jed's pillow talk and mine to the future. Once he's asleep, I lay the hardest mind read on him, so of course he wakes from the disturbance.

Jed: I wake.

John: I teleport in and rescue Morgan.

Jed: True fact. I was about to choke her. This is pretty convenient, John.

John: I was waiting outside the door. I heard you almost kill the woman you love and your unborn child?

Jed: Sperm Germ? This is an entirely different story. I mean, what if it is male?

John: Congratulations, Jed. You're going to be a father.

Morgan: Just then, John and I teleport away.

Jed: Good, because who has a comeback for that?

Sponsors: A word.

Recapper: There's a lot of wasted footage leading up to the trial of reputed mob leader, Om Lam Chung. His minions get their automatic weapons into the courtroom, no problem.

Mallory: They're shooting up the place. While I'm poised to enter, Russell arrives on scene and says he wants to work with me. I hand him a red mask. We overcome all the baddies.

Hillary: Not before we cut to me at Ultra. I am ready to kill the breakout, even though I so empathize with her.

Stephen: I'm lost.

Audience: And this is different from every week, how?

Stephen: I tele-talk warnings out to Cara, etc.

Cara: I have an idea.

John: At your service.

Audience: FML.

Russell: Mallory and I TP into the courtroom, TK control the weapons, and basically kick ass, Tomorrow People size.

Audience: Why are fisticuffs the rule of the day, when you can just TK throw people?

Stephen: That's what's in the script.

John: I TP into the courtroom and tell Russell it's time to go.

Russell: Russell? You must mean the Scarlet Pimp!

John: Yeah. Gotta go.

Cara: Masked, I lead Stephen, Hillary, and their team on a merry goose chase, to allow John, Russell, and Mallory time to teleport out of the building, which must take whole seconds!

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Tomorrow People




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