Tomorrow People

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Too Much, Too Little, Too Late

One Goon: I inch away, on my back.

Russell: I try to explain ourselves to John and Cara.

Cara: I feel an incoming teleport, so we all teleport away.

Hillary: Damn my luck. Oh, no way. Look. Stephen's club bracelet is lying on the counter.

Recapper: No way, indeed.

Hillary: I don't think you meant that the way I meant that.

Recapper: Indeed.

Sponsors: You know you want it.

Cara: Back at the lair, we give Russell and Stephen the "You Used Our Powers in Front of Them" speech.

Mallory: But... comic heroes.

Cara: These are my boys and I will address them, alone.

Russell: Maybe it's time to reconsider our position -- do some good. We've been playing too much defense.

John: We've got enough problems.

Russell: Like finding our ghost-hero, who's lost in Limbo-Land?

Recapper: Later, Cara tells John he's the only one she can trust. He confesses to taking Morgan topside, so she could extract information from Jed's brain -- intel about Roger's corpse. Cara wonders if this was before or after he took her (Cara) topside for sex. John says that's not fair. Cara begs to differ. I beg for the show's cancelation.

Cara: Did Morgan tell you she's pregnant?

John: !!!

Hillary: At Ultra, I'm kicking the shit out of a sand bag when Stephen arrives. I spit something bitter at him, then return his club bracelet. Then I start singing the praises of a superhero breakout. Confused.

Audience: Disengaged, mostly.

Hillary: Even after I tell the story of how criminals broke into my family home, when I was ten, and killed off my family?

Audience: Pretty much.

Stephen: Well, I am moved to pieces.

TIM: Shut up, cousin manchild.

Stephen: Should we make out now?

Hillary: Soon, but not yet.

Mallory: Back at the lair, I ask Russell about all the dead Roger drama. It's nice having a partner, though.

TIM: I spew intel about the Vietnamese Crime Boss.

Mallory: Bingo. The gang will do anything to avoid conviction. The trial is set for Friday.

TIM: *Scoff* It's happening tomorrow.

Mallory: Are you coming?

Russell: I don't know.

Mallory: We were born great, so we could do great things.

Russell: I flash back to four years ago. Talia is gone from my bed and my winnings are gone from my bedside table. All I find is a note.

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Tomorrow People




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