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Too Much, Too Little, Too Late

Russell: You're not Talia.

Mallory: Duh. The name's Mallory. Who are you clowns, anyway, and how do you know Talia?

Recapper: If we have another Russell flashback right now, I'll slit my wrists.

Sponsors: Never fear. A word.

Recapper: After the break, we learn that Talia started the Red Avengers, got a bunch of SUPES to join, and credits Russell with the inspiration, even though he never did a damned thing. She then impeaches the entire premise of the series we've been watching for 15 episodes prior. The SUPES shouldn't be cellar dwellers involved in a shadow war. They should be superheroes. Mask aside, I don't disagree, but this is far too little and far too late. Anyhow, Mallory invites the boys on a "ride along" as she vanquishes the big bad. We cut to some hotel room.

Morgan: I look like I'm trying to swallow a pill and just can't get it down, when there's a knock at the door. It's my Jed.

Jed: What are you doing above ground?

Morgan: I needed a proper bath.

Audience: Great, so know we're thinking about Tomorrow People funk.

Morgan: Smoochies?

Jed: The bath's already happened, right?

Mallory: Meanwhile, I bring Stephen and Russell back to my dump, and show them my serial killer wall of tidbits. There's a Vietnamese Gang doing an illegal thing. They're targeting a judge and his family. And apparently it's easier for me -- a telepath -- to hack into the judge's security system, than it is for me -- a telepath -- to read the bad guys' minds. I screw with the boys about donning some tights. I TP to the scene. The boys have no choice but to follow.

Recapper: I ignore you, because you're trying too hard.

Judge: At my house, my family and I are blind folded, while Vietnamese criminals (is that even a thing) hold us hostage or something. Please don't hurt my family. I'll do whatever you want.

Criminals: *Menace*

Mallory: That's where the boys and I come in.

Cara: Meanwhile, back at the lair, I find John looking under TIM's hood.

TIM: This is our private time, Cara.

Audience: Woo hoo, Cousin Matthew.

Cara: It's Stephen.

John: Must be Wednesday Monday. He's in trouble.

Cara: Worse. He's having fun.

Stephen: Back at the judge's house, Russell, Mallory and I TK the weapons out of the bad guy's hands, TP them into walls and whatnot, and basically save everyone, then Cara and John arrive to piss on our parade.

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Tomorrow People




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