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Night. A business man (BM) makes his way home. A hooded, leather-clad figure in completely kicky boots follows. Once home, when BM flips on the lights, Kicky Boots is already inside. She's a Tomorrow Person, hellbent on kicking the bejesus out of him, which she does. Once he's disabled, we hear muted cries. Kicky Boots opens a closet/vault door, to find a woman bound and gagged. Bonus? Kicky Boots is sporting a red mask -- you know the kind, like a masquerade ball mask. It only covers the eye-section of her face. Is there a name for those? A quick search on "masquerade masks" implies I could be looking for Venetian masquerade masks. There should be a better term, like Kicky Boots, but for masks, yes? We cut to a...

Hotel Room. Cara and John star in an amateur soft-core porno. Okay, they have a sex scene/Victoria's Secret/Perfume ad. Glad to see Cara's sleeping with adults, again. Sad to see John hasn't found a better mate. Poor Peyton List. She's better than this.

Cara: OMG. That was...

Recapper: Exploitative?

Audience: Tacky?

That Guy: Awesome?

John: Long overdue?

Readers: Nope.

Cara: How can I sleep with you and be a leader?

Audience: How can you be a leader, anyhow? Might as well enjoy some John. We sure would.

John: I respect your authoritah, in and out of the bedroom.

Recapper: I'm taking that as a shout-out. Yeah, shut up. I know it must have been filmed before I started turning Cara into Cartman in my recaps, but I THINK I GET HAZARD PAY, PEOPLE.

Tubey: Only if by "pay" you mean fake bragging rights.

Recapper: Of course.

Next day, at the lair, Cara and John do the teleport of shame, back to the lair.

Russell: *Makes quirky, innuendo-laden remark*

Cara: What's that?

Audience: Dork Detector. Look, it lights up when Stephen holds it.

TIM: It was Roger's. I'm going to spew some fake science at you, now.

Recapper: Shut up, Cousin Matthew.

Russell: We think it's looking for Roger.

Stephen: My father's body might be out there. All we have to do is get in Jed's mind and find out the location of his corpse.

John: I start to offer some advice contra to Cara's opinion, then remember how much I like having sex.

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Tomorrow People




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