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Central Park West Side Story

AUDIENCE: It was an apple. Russell is the junk food junkie.

WRITERS: You're so mean to want all the dialogue to be consistent in an entire episode.

CARA: Julian blahs about how thanks to trying to kill me all those years ago, he had his first taste of his secret drug, which he's shared with all his friends, which really doesn't sound so secret to me.

JULIAN: Anyhow, after gloating about the rush I got beating Russell, fisticuffs ensue.

CARA: Eventually, my team teleports out of there, but that's been the plan all along. Just as Julian closes in on me, Charlotte teleports in and does her psychic scream, even though she's awake. Julian and his gang are driven to their knees. Charlotte teleports out, just as Stephen, Hillary, and TOT arrive.

STEPHEN: All of Julian's SUPES are down. Julian and the blonde girl try to TP out, but Charlotte's scream weakened them. As Hillary and TOT cuff the minions, I go after Julian and Blondie.

BLONDIE: And then Julian TK throws me at Stephen and TPs out of there. Stephen apprehends me. Oh, the humiliation.

CHARLOTTE: When John and I return to the lair, everyone claps for me.

MORGAN: I put on my second face and welcome her back. When she asks if she can stay in the lair, I act like trying to oust her never was a thing.

DISEMBODIED JED: That's my girl.

CARA: I tell John that Julian got away. Doubt he'll forgive and forget.

JOHN: You stood up to him. That's what he'll remember. You're awesome. You're a great leader. I'm here for you. Did you ever know that you're my hero? You're everything I wish I could be. I can fly higher, etc. etc. For you're a jolly good fellow. Confidence. Hope. Yada.

CARA: How did you figure it out?

JOHN: Trial and error. Mostly error.

RUSSELL: What the hell? You guys are getting your party on without me. I beat the plums off Julian. Did he beat the plums off me?

JOHN: Cara and I sit Russell's ass back on the couch. He calls his I.V. line a leash.

CARA: Russell is so funny.

AUDIENCE: He used to be.

JED: Back at Ultra, I watch as all of Julian's gang is dragged in. While it would have been more impressive if they'd gotten Julian, I do congratulate Stephen.

STEPHEN: Actually, it was all three of us. Completely equal effort.

JED: Three-way tie. Everyone's a winner. Here's some participation trophies.

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Tomorrow People




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