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Central Park West Side Story

STEPHEN: What the hell? We're supposed to be a team. Act like it. I don't want to see anyone else strapped to a table.

HILLARY: It must be easy for you to be sympathetic. Uncle's pet.

STEPHEN: After Hillary is gone, I TT Cara that Julian got away.

CARA: So I warn Russell to get out of Julian's mansion headquarters.

RUSSELL: Julian TPs back home, before I can TP out. Instead of doing the smart thing, I give him some lip and he hands me my ass, as a message to Cara. He beats me until he gets that prime barrier rush, then his minions take over.

JULIAN: I've never felt so alive! Ugh, my dialogue is shameless.

CARA: Do you think I'll understand it?

RUSSELL: It's a toss-up.

JOHN: Cara and I find what's left of Russell in a subway car, and TP him back to the lair.

RUSSELL: *Bleeds*

CARA: I never should have let him spy on Julian.

JOHN: Ya think? I mean you did what you had to. Go Team Cara. Hurrah. Woo. You're so awesome.

CARA: I might not be able to kill, but I swear to God I'm going to make that bastard wish he were dead. Let's flashback six years. Nelly dies. Julian cries. Then he turns on me, because I was weak. He physically strangles me until he hits the prime barrier, and the pain forces him to let me go.

JULIAN: And leaves me high as a kite. You will die human, Cara. That's what you deserve.

SPONSORS: We're starting to think you'd be better off if you fast-forwarded through the program and watched the ads.

STEPHEN: I return to the lair. Russell is in rough shape.

CARA: Julian did this to send me a message. Oh look, I do understand.

STEPHEN: You've been saying he's too dangerous all along. You were right.

CARA: I don't want to risk any more of my team, so Stephen volunteers to let his Ultra team take this one.

AUDIENCE: They've been having the same conversation for 45 minutes, right?


STEPHEN: Cara wants to handle this on her own, so I tell her she's playing into Julian's strength. She says he's going to play into her strength which is apparently that he doesn't know she has a strength.

CARA: I burst into the front door of Julian's mansion. A bunch of my SUPES TP in to back me up.

JULIAN: I mock them and "warrior queen" Cara, then invite her and hers to join us. She says never, so I mock her again about being the pathetic kid she was when we met, dining on stolen junk food.

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Tomorrow People




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