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Central Park West Side Story

CARA: I eavesdrop as John tells Charlotte her bad memories are like clouds in her mind. The Ultra cloud is black and blocks the sun. He tells her to reach out with one hand, and take that black cloud, and...

CHARLOTTE: I immediately understand what he means, so with my eyes still closed, I reach out my hand and tele-throw John across the room, then finish his sentence by saying 'destroy it'.

JOHN: Destroy it.

CARA: Even I know enough to leave this moment alone, so I go find Russell in the nerve center.

RUSSELL: I tell Cara Julian's plans.

CARA: It's not even about robbery, Russell. Julian will torture anyone he can. He thinks humans are weak. Julian can't kill so he beats them half to death than scares them the rest of the way.

RUSSELL: Let's slap him with suppression cuffs.

CARA: I don't want our team compromised.

RUSSELL: Not everyone, just me.

CARA: Let Ultra handle it.

RUSSELL: You got it. Chief. I'm outta here.

CARA: I TT to Stephen who is in Ultra to give him a heads up on Julian's next move. Early in the series, didn't I have to be outside the Ultra building to communicate with Stephen when he was in there?


STEPHEN: Cara warns me not to take any chances with Julian. I need to deliver him to Ultra before his gang arrives. Meanwhile, I'm watching Hillary kick TOT's ass. No way Julian is more dangerous than she.

CARA: Stephen doesn't know Julian like I do. I flash back six years. When Julian and Nelly wander off in search of loot, our victim claims he has a heart condition. He begs me to untie him. After he promises to flee and not look back, and worries that Julian is going to kill him, I finally give in. I didn't know about the prime barrier then. As soon as the guy is out of sight, Nelly wanders back, carrying some sparkly red shoes.

NELLY: Where's our vic?

CARA: Um there was a thing that happened. So fast.

NELLY: Don't tell Julian.

GUY: I forget that I just swore to God I'd leave, so I come back with my shotgun and blow two holes in the other girl.

JULIAN: I return and TK throw GUY off the second floor landing.

GUY: *Splat*

STEPHEN: Back in the present, Hillary tele-follows me to where I'm spying on Julian and his blonde, female minion, as they case an apartment building.

JULIAN: I hear them so my minion and I teleport away.

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Tomorrow People




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