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Central Park West Side Story

JED: Shaking my damn head.

AUDIENCE: We know, right? This isn't the first time a female, Ultra SUPE and duped him like that. Remember what's her name, the dead one?

JED: You're going to have to narrow it down, a little.

CARA: Back at the lair, Russell and I exposit about Julian. Since he has a psycho army, we should just lay low. He lives far enough on the edge that it won't take Ultra long to apprehend him. We should keep an eye on him, though.

RUSSELL: I'll trail him.

CARA: Six years ago, Julian, Nelly, and I broke into some swanky property, but the homeowner was there. Before he could call the police, Julian knocked him out and he and Nelly tied him up. Now, in the present, Charlotte's having another shrieking nightmare, unless that's just the recapper, up capping her lock-sure, or whatever.

CHARLOTTE: No, it's me. Shriek. Screech. Scream.

JOHN: Wake up. It's not real. You're safe here, usual disclaimer about Cara and Stephen.

CHARLOTTE: Once I wake up, I can see all the other SUPES giving me the death glare, so I run off.

MORGAN: Cara, her attacks are attacking all of us. People are starting to talk. It's not me, of course, but they want her out of the lair. The group is feeling unsettled, being under new leadership, and all.

YANKEE CANDLE PRODUCT PLACEMENT: They choose the new leadership. WTF?

JOHN: Thanks, I didn't want to be the one to say anything.

CARA: So do we let Ultra snatch up this poor kid again? Chloe, whoever that is, screamed for her first month here. And before training, Dunbar's telekinesis was like a fire hose. There's a Dunbar?

AUDIENCE: *Shrugs*

CARA: Charlotte stays.

JOHN: Given my quiet leadership, I'll babysit her.

JULIAN: My gang and I are holed up in a mansion. It is the same one from Cara's flashback. I tell my gang about our new targets: wealthy residents of Central Park West. Because they're rich, they're human garbage. Stilt stilt stilt. Let's go shopping. The little piggies are picking up the tab. No, I actually say that last bit.

RUSSELL: Dude, I heard him. I think I'm supposed to be appalled at the actual plans, but I'm still cringing at this guy's lines.

SPONSORS: Another word.

JOHN: Back at the lair, I try to teach Charlotte to use her pain and anger to fuel her strength, as she spars with me. You're not going to get thrown out, kiddo. You'll learn to master your concentration and use your pain for good. I was grabbed by Ultra pretty young, too. Once I tire of restating the same point, I tell the kid to close her eyes.

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Tomorrow People




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