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Central Park West Side Story

CARA: I flash back six years. Nelly has just introduced me to the concept of tight pants.

JULIAN: I tell Cara about Ultra, and how they hunt us superior beings. I know, my lines are way stilted. I beg your indulgence. Oh crap, it's sticking with me, even when I'm off book.

NELLY: First things first. You need to practice using your powers and build up your strength and skill.

JULIAN: I TK throttle Cara, and blab about the killer within, predators versus prey, etc. until Nelly makes me stop. I love her, but she's a killjoy.

CARA: Gasp.

JULIAN: It's your turn, unless you want to just walk into Ultra and surrender your powers. Stick with us and we'll teach you to survive, then we'll teach you how to live. And maybe one day, someone will write me a line that doesn't make me feel like I should grow a twirlable mustache.


CARA: In the present, I send out a "psychic signal flare" to Julian, so he'll meet John, Russell, and me in this subway car.

JULIAN: Oh, so you're still trying to ape Nelly, huh? Sorry, but you're still the same old Cara.

CARA: You're on Ultra's radar, and they're more powerful than when you left, as am I.

JULIAN: Oh, shudder. The sewer rats are bad ass.

RUSSELL: Say the word, Cara, and I'll drop this punk like a bag of dirt. Bag of dirt? Didn't my lines used to be better?

JULIAN: Your co-exist philosophy is stupid. Humans took everything from me. You were there.

CARA: We don't torture anyone who doesn't willingly tune into the CW on Wednesdays at 9:00 PM.

JULIAN: Cara, do your two little puppies here, realize what a spineless skank they've thrown in with? Weak. Pathetic. Ineffectual.

AUDIENCE: Okay, so now even the villain is propping Cara by virtue of being meaner to her than she deserves. Sigh.

JULIAN'S GANG: We TP into the subway car, armed and ready to rumble.

CARA: C'mon, puppies. He's not worth it.

JULIAN: New York is mine, bitch. And again, sorry about the dialogue.

STEPHEN: Over at Ultra, our instructor makes me square off against Hillary for some grappling and whatnot. I hope she's had her breakfast.

HILLARY: You are my breakfast, dick head.

STEPHEN: Big words from such a tiny girl.

AUDIENCE: What is his deal? This is not the first time Stephen's come across like a sexist ass.

HILLARY: And it won't be the last. Don't worry. He gets me down on the mat, first, but before he can pin me, I use his prejudices against him, pretend I'm in need of mercy, and then pin him.

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Tomorrow People




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