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Central Park West Side Story

AUDIENCE: Or by being Jed's nephew.

JED: Now, who knows Julian Masters?

HILLARY: I answer first, because I'm cutthroat like that, but also because Box of Hair and Sack of Hammers are no competition. Julian Masters is a breakout from five years ago, who has never been caught.

STEPHEN: What can you tell us about him?

JED: He recruits breakouts into his criminal gang.

AUDIENCE: That sounds familiar.

JULIAN: It's night, now. Me and my crew hold up a rich guy. I say stilted things like "society's elite who likes to flaunt his money," and "this is a reckoning, my friend.

ANDREW: I'm the victim, here. I give this guy my wallet, but then he thrusts out his hand, and while never making physical contact with me, he throttles me. His minions hold me up while Julian thrashes me.

JULIAN: I only stop because being a regular SUPE, at some point, I get painful biofeedback which prevents me from killing him. And? I like it.

STEPHEN: Back at the lair, I tell Cara and company about Julian. He tortures his victims until he collapses.

JOHN: Sounds like this guy is riding the edge of the prime barrier. I think he gets off on it, or something.

CARA: Let Ultra handle it.

STEPHEN: Cara, despite it being the right thing to do, if I bring this guy in, it solidifies my spot in the training program.

AUDIENCE: Yes, and you work for Ultra, remember, so let Ultra handle it, and you be part of that handling.

CARA: I handled Stephen.

AUDIENCE: La la la. We can't hear you. La la la.

STEPHEN: If you don't make the cut, they strip you of your powers.

CARA: I stripped Stephen, once.

AUDIENCE: Now would be a great time for Charlotte to have another nightmare.

CARA: Julian doesn't care about exposure. We do. I crossed paths with him and his girlfriend when I first got to town. He wasn't exactly my style.

AUDIENCE: Because he wasn't still in high school?

JOHN: I love how you get to keep secrets, but no one else, does.

CARA: We'll monitor the situation through, Stephen.

STEPHEN: Because that strategy worked with Logan Echolls?

CARA: We're not the paranormal police.

STEPHEN: What do you think, John? Is that your call, too?

JOHN: The irony is delicious. I'm just going to take a beat to enjoy it, then nudge Cara into meeting up with her old friend we never knew about, so she can warn him to get out of dodge.

AUDIENCE: Who is taking what position here? It sounds like Stephen, in his role as Ultra trainee, should want to apprehend Julian, and turn him over to Ultra. Cara wants to let Ultra handle it, so why then did Stephen prompt John to encourage Cara to... oh never mind.

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Tomorrow People




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