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Central Park West Side Story

JOHN: I'm in the nerve center playing chess with TIM as I tinker with something else.

TIM: A rather banal opening gambit.

RECAPPER: Shut up, Cousin Matthew.

CARA: I agree. John, can you pull his plug?

TIM: But I'm only 47 moves blah blooo blup.

JOHN: What's up?

CARA: After our botched Citadel mission, the gaggle of nameless SUPES that discarded you and demanded I lead has lost confidence in me.

JOHN: Ignoring your use of "our" there, let me prop you up, because I think Stephen is busy. You saved Charlotte. You're a winner. It only seems like you get someone killed every week. Best. Leader. Ever. Yay, Cara, etc.


SUPES: What is that?

AUDIENCE: Do you mean the sound of us melting down as the show insists on telling us how great Cara is, all the while seldom showing us?

SUPES: No, the other shrill, shrieking sound.

JOHN: Charlotte's having a nightmare.

CHARLOTTE: Every time I close my eyes, it feels like I'm back at the Citadel.

CARA: Morgan, what can we do for her?

MORGAN: I worked as a Coney Island psychic. You're asking me, because...

JOHN: Come on kiddo, let's get you something to eat. You're safe now.

AUDIENCE: Provided you stay far away from Cara and Stephen.

STEPHEN: Over at Ultra, a few of us watch as another SUPE gets a shot of de-SUPE serum, right in the neck. Along with me is Hillary (Alexa Vega) and That Other Trainee (TOT).

TOT: Will no one mention either my name, or the name of the actor who plays me?

AUDIENCE: Welcome to The Tomorrow People, TOT.

IMDB.COM: The actor is Dejan Loyola, and his character's name is Ray.

TWOP READERS: Don't bet the farm on that, folks. IMDB had the recapper calling Roger Jack, for weeks.

JED: This is what happens to trainees who don't have the right stuff. Let this be an object lesson. Your powers are a privilege, not a right. If I couldn't exploit you, I'd gladly de-power all of you.

HILLARY: How many of us get to keep our powers, and how are we evaluated?

JED: By not screwing up.

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Tomorrow People




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