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Central Park West Side Story

RECAPPER: This is symbolic of her sleeping with Stephen, even though she had and could again have John.


RECAPPER: LOL. This is The Tomorrow People, sillies.

CARA: I thought you had to sure-lock your cap again.

RECAPPER: No, I have to recap.... Never mind. You're quite right. Tootles.

CARA: So when an Ultra Agent confronts me, I take off. As I cut through an alley, a man appears out of nowhere, grabs me, and we teleport to some flop house. This woman Nelly (Monique Ganderton) tells me they're my friends, I just don't know it, yet, but I'm one of them. The guy introduces himself as Julian (James MacKay), and asks if I want to learn some magic.

LUCA: After the title card, we cut to Stephen's room. He's at his desk. Astrid is on his bed, and I'm rolling between them on a skate board, which I guess is supposed to be an annoying little brother thing, but I'm pretty sure I'm not the most annoying Jameson in the room.

AUDIENCE: You're not, but Stephen is never more likable than when he's hanging with Astrid.

ASTRID: I knew you'd come around.

LUCA: I don't get my brother. I mention mom's new boyfriend, and he freaks out, like he's seven, and our parents broke up this morning. I tweak him until I get bored and remember food exists.

ASTRID: Once we're alone, I try to empathize with Stephen over his mom's...mingling.

STEPHEN: I tell her about how Peter was able to push me out of his mind, but before we can get deeper into the convo, Uncle Jed calls and tells me study time is over. How did he know I was studying?

JED: What makes you think I don't have your room bugged? I've killed SUPES who have left corpses smarter than you. I'm really hoping we're not blood relatives. Maybe your mother screwed around with Peter 18 years ago, too. Now come to Ultra, ASAP.

STEPHEN: Gotta jet.

ASTRID: Even though I know he's a SUPE posing as an Ultra trainee in hopes of taking down that organization and saving the SUPES Ultra wants to control and/or eliminate, I call out Stephen on ending our test study session, but please know, I only do it, because the script makes me.

CARA: Over at the lair, I tell a Nameless SUPE to organize a food run, because Russell only brings back junk food.

RUSSELL: When I try to call her on that, she barks at me to run TK drills with the newbies. And hey, don't blame any of this on me. You'll remember I voted for John.

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Tomorrow People




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