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Central Park West Side Story

HILLARY: Really?

JED: Uh, no. Really, my sarcastic slow clap should have answered that for you. Stephen, wouldn't it be better to weed out the weak, now, before more lives are lost?

HILLARY: After Jed and TOT wander off, I tell Stephen that while I'm conditioned to find exploitable weaknesses, I admire his decency.

STEPHEN: We can only survive as a team.

HILLARY: If that's the case, thanks for letting me be part of it.

STEPHEN: I got a reprieve from my uncle. Go team!

CARA: When I'm glad to have made it through the day, Stephen tells me that whatever hold Julian had on me is gone, so I tell him about Nelly.

AUDIENCE: Not really.

CARA: Well, I tell him that Nelly was the only person Julian cared about. She was my first friend that was like us. She got shot. Julian said it was because I was weak.

AUDIENCE: You're forgetting about the part where you untied the guy who shot Nelly. I mean, yes, Julian is deplorable, but she didn't just "get" shot. You played a part in it.

STEPHEN: Julian exploited you, Cara. What if someone like that got ahold of someone like Charlotte. But you... you... you...

CARA: If you're trying to give me another pep talk, John got there, first.

AUDIENCE: Yeah, he did.

STEPHEN: I guess we both care about you.

CARA: Awkward.

STEPHEN: I'm gonna check on Russell.

CARA (to TIM): If I'm such a great leader, why can't I get them figured out?

TIM: Perhaps you enjoy the thrill of being pursued simultaneously by two equally desirable mates.

AUDIENCE: Shut up, Cousin Matthew.

ASTRID: The next morning, when Stephen meets me before school, I give him hell about not studying for Calculus, last night.

STEPHEN: I point out that I'll be all right, since she's not failing it.

ASTRID: Don't even think about it, Stephen. You don't get to cheat off my mind.

STEPHEN: Who, me?

ASTRID: I'm not okay with this. And we're late. I hate you.

STEPHEN: Really? 'Cause I thought you loved me?

HILLARY: Not seeing that I'm watching them, Stephen and his SAP friend teleport away. Do you think I meant any of that team shit I said to Stephen, earlier?


YOUNG GIRL: You don't know me, but I'm a new breakout, played by Rebecca James. As Cara did, years ago, I wander up to a food display, and TK steal a croissant.

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Tomorrow People




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