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Central Park West Side Story
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RECAPPER: Previously, on The Tomorrow People, the lair livers did a product placement for Yankee Candle.

CARA: Excuse me. That was an election in which I was voted in as SUPE leader.

RECAPPER: Fine. I'm lighting a candle right now, which in this constituency of one means you and the other SUPES can take the reins. I'm going to go finish up my Sherlock recap, provided I didn't lose too many brain cells during "Rumble."

CARA: Don't make me tele-throw you.

RECAPPER: Please. I can delete you from existence with a few key strokes.

TUBEY: She can. All she has to do is write an email saying she doesn't want to cover this, any more.

CARA: There are other recappers.

TUBEY: Yes, and they were all smart enough not to take this show, in the first place.

JOHN: Let's move it along. Um, if that's all right with you, Your Leadership.

CRICKETS: *chirp*

STEPHEN: Pssst, Cara, he's talking to you.

CARA: Huh? What? I. Oh, okay. So previously I broke into the Citadel and saved Charlotte's life. That girl has a future now, thanks to me.

STEPHEN: And technically, that was my line, but I'm glad you didn't make me repeat that shameless instance of propping up your character, because John had to disobey your order and TP into the Citadel, because you were too dense to TP Charlotte out of there. We'll ignore all the other SUPES you stranded there, and um...I'm forgetting something. Sheesh. What was it?


CARA: Anyhow, six years earlier, I'd just arrived in New York. I was broke, homeless, and telekinetically (TK) stealing apples from sidewalk markets, in order not to starve to death.

AUDIENCE: Hey, three months ago, Cara was kicked out of her house five years ago.

STEPHEN: Yes, but that was in 2013. It's 2014, now.

AUDIENCE: Whatever. We did decide to stop sweating details in a last ditch effort not to pull an Elvis on our TVs.

CARA: Math is hard. Let's get back to the story, because it's about me. As soon as I TK steal an apple, Ultra agents close in on me.

AUDIENCE: Why does Cara chooses a mealy, bland Red Delicious, when there are tart and tangy Granny Smiths, right there?

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Tomorrow People




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