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You're Always a Day Away
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Welcome to The Tomorrow People's pilot. Phil Klemmer (Veronica Mars) teams up with Julie Plec (The Vampire Diaries) and Greg Berlanti (No Ordinary Family) to bring us an updated take on the 1970s British children's series of the same name. Details (like links to the cast and crew's past shows, etc.) are in the recaplet, so if you're looking for that, please click that little link, just above this paragraph. From here on out, it's mostly story. Are you ready? Okay.

Robbie Amell narrates over shots of his character (originally shirtless, because this is the CW), Stephen Jameson, starting his day. My name is Stephen Jameson. This is me. These pills are my breakfast. I'll tell you about the huge jar of Vaseline, later. Right now, let's go to my high school, where I once had friends, but am considered an outcast by my pimply, awkward classmates, despite the fact that I look just like the buff 25 year old actor who brings me to life. A long time ago, we used to be friends. Here's my house. There's my mom, sleeping on the couch. She used to be Nina Myers in another life. The worst part of my day is when I belt myself into my bed. Lately, strange things have been happening to me, and they're about to get stranger. No, the problem isn't the straps and Vaseline. It's that now I have professional TV writers planning my days. Some of that is possibly paraphrased.

After Stephen is strapped into bed for the night we cut to Withers Medical Center. Someone swipes a worker's key card (marked "COMPLETE ACCESS") and we cut to a stairwell. John Young (played by Luke Mitchell) trots up the stairs as Peyton List's Cara Coburn tells him (telepathically) to proceed to the 12th floor Psych Center, where he'll find the file they seek. John trips an alarm in the process. Cara warns him he's alerted Security and should abort, but John's having none of that. He proceeds straight to the Psych Center, lets himself in the Medical Records room, steals a file and exits through a door that conveniently leads to a roof. When the Security Guard closes in on him, John looks like he's going to jump off the building, but instead he teleports away, leaving the poor guard to pick his own jaw off the ground.

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