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We open at night. Well no, we actually open with the narration that opens every show in which Stephen tells us about the three Ts, and evil Ultra. And then we have the typical montage of "previouslies." Then finally, we open at night. Sheesh, Show. I know you're new and still trying to establish yourself, but I've already lost my patience. Fair warning: that does not bode well for you for the rest of this weecap.

Night. A campus security guard escorts a few young women out of a building. He tells the Victim of the Week (VOW) that he'll get the other women to the subway, then he'll escort her to her car. VOW points out that her car is just a block over. The guard tells her she doesn't want to be walking alone with "this lunatic" still on the loose. She pretends to acquiesce, but as soon as the guard and the other students walk away, VOW heads off toward her car. And you know what? The car isn't even a block over. It's across the street and down a little. It's in full view of where she and the others were standing. She could have said, "See that lone car, over there? That's mine. If you can just stay here and watch until I get in it, I'll be good." Were she to do so, then she wouldn't get abducted and raped by the creepy, whistling, teleporting psychopathic rogue SUPE, and we'd have no story. Not to victim blame (because all fault goes to the show), but see what a big difference a sentence or two would have made in her life, not to mention ours?

The soon-to-be-rapist is too old to be a breakout of the week (BOW), so we'll call him a free range SUPE of the week (SOW). He pops up in front of VOW, then behind her, then in front of her, whistling each time he teleports to a new location. VOW fumbles with her keys but can't get into the car, before he gets to her and tells her not to run, because that would make him angry. She shoots some pepper spray at him, but he holds up a TKing hand and pushes the spray back into VOW's eyes. "There, see what you did? Now, I'm upset." You're upset? You don't have to watch this, SOW. Is he wearing a police officer's uniform? What's that patch on his arm?

The next day we wake in a lovely hotel room. While he's still lying in bed and basking in the afterglow of last week's huge plotting and characterization misstep, Stephen telepathically says hello to Cara, who is showering off the evidence of her night of what is not legally statutory rape in New York, but rather moral ickitude, not to mention nonsense, since she seems to be getting some on the regular from the molten John.

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