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Kill Me Tomorrow

John uses his power to bury McCrane. He sends Stephen a message, "Tell Jedikiah it's over." When we cut to Ultra, Stephen says, "He's not responding anymore. What does that mean?" What? Oh, maybe Stephen is trying to protect John. Jed says, "That it's over? I guess. I don't know. I wasn't there. I suppose I'll just have to trust him." Stephen is angry his uncle used him to set up John. Jed blahs about complicated times and that their powers have to be harnessed properly blah. "That's why allegiance is paramount." Stephen says, "Allegiance? What about McCrane? He was Ultra, only he didn't steal those drugs like you said. You turned him into that monster." Stephen claims he dug into their files and learned about the Annex Project. I hope you didn't just tip your hand there, Stevie. Jed says, "Everything that happened to McCrane was voluntary. Stephen, your kind is one gene away from perfection." Stephen: "What killing? I thought you wanted to protect the human race from us." Jed asks, "What better way than to have the ultimate guardian on my side? One no breakout could ever contend with it. [...] finding a fix was worth a few McCranes."

Back at the lair, while Russell gives John an effusive welcome, Cara glares. John lies and says McCrane didn't want to fight anymore. Since John is bloody and battered, Cara's skeptical. John claims McCrane just took some convincing to go back to where he came from. When Russell leaves to steal a keg, Cara hugs him. She's glad John is home, but wonders how after all of this, McCrane just up and left. She wonders if he'll stay gone. John: "If he values his life at all, he won't come back." When he leaves to clean up, Stephen arrives. Cara tells him it's not like John to make deals with Jed. Stephen thinks he did what he had to. He knows he's been critical of John. "I've even questioned what you see in him, but today was different. Today I saw it." Cara: "You're not developing a guy crush on him, are you?" Stephen smiles. "The guy's a leader, Cara."

Back at home, Mom hopes Stephen has no new bruises. Stephen says after seeing her give it to Jed at dinner, he (Stephen) is going to watch his step around her. "You're kinda badass, mom." Marla grins. "I had to raise two boys on my own, for the last ten years. You've got to be pretty badass to do that." Yeah, you do. As she leaves the kitchen she adds, "Stephen, there are a lot of things you don't know about me."

Back at Ultra, Jed gets into his car to find John in waiting in the back seat. "What happened to my ten-minute lead? I knew you couldn't resist backstabbing me." Jed answers that he's very proud of John. "You finally learned the consequences of living in the world with these dark, warped individuals. You had no choice but to respond in kind." John says he left Ultra because Jed made him kill. He swore he'd never do it again. "You think it's an imperfection, but I think there's a reason we were born unable to kill. It destroys something -- part of your soul that you don't get back. I felt it today, just like I felt it years ago. I hate you for what you made me." Jed says, "I made you strong. Perfect." John leans over. "We're not running anymore. From now on, we do everything to stop you. We see you on the street, we don't turn, we fight. Got it?" Jed smiles. "Kill or be killed, John." John repeats those words, then teleports away. Title card.

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