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Kill Me Tomorrow

Stephen teleports a blindfolded Jed to that safe restaurant we've seen before, where John is waiting. I think I got their names mixed up in my recaplet and I apologize for that. Jed joins John at the bar. He proposes a temporary ceasefire while they bring in McCrane. John wants to work solo. No agents. Jed should find McCrane and tell John where he is. Jed makes sure to call John son and otherwise play as much emotional blackmail as he can, but John stands firm on his terms. Jed says he'll give John a ten-minute lead to catch McCrane, but if he doesn't, he's going to Plan B. He won't risk anything with McCrane. John agrees and starts to leave, then whips around and tells Jed, "I am not your son." Jed grabs John by the arm and thinks at him: If you catch him, you know what to do. John frees his arm and leaves.

At the lair, Cara tells John that since he can't kill and McCrane can, McCrane will always have the advantage. John assures her he'll find a way to stop him. "It's what they trained me to do." Once Ultra finds McCrane, Stephen sends a mental message to John, who teleports to the location -- another parking garage. So, set budget is a little short, Show?

When McCrane appears to John, John tells him he's there to help and tells him to disappear. McCrane becomes violent with John at the idea that he should forgot all that's happened to him. John promises he won't hunt McCrane and encourages him to go. McCrane says maybe he'll hunt John. There's big speechifying from him about how the underground SUPES are devolving. Back at Ultra, Stephen realizes Jed has set up John, when he hears the kill squad has been dispatched. Jed says, "Both these men are Ultra fugitives, Stephen. Now you know." Now he knows what? That you're a bastard? He already knew that, but I guess he did need the reminder. Stephen sends a mental warning to John, but the kill squad arrives right after. The SUPES duck behind cars, then John grabs McCrane, says this is between the two of them and teleports McCrane to some park or the like.

McCrane ignores John's suggestion that he run again, and between punches, tells him he thinks John is jealous that he (McCrane) has the gift, instead of John. He's about to smash John's head in with a rock, as he blabs about the edge his ability to kill gives him, when he's shot, by John! As McCrane drops to his knees, John says, "You want to know why I left Ultra? Because they turned me into you." Once McCrane is fully down, we cut to commercial.

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