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Kill Me Tomorrow

Lair. John knows McCrane was testing him and tells Russell, Cara, and Stephen that if the psycho finds their lair, it's curtains. TIM interrupts to inform Stephen he's missed three calls from his mother. He may be late for dinner. Stephen tells his friends about the family dinner, makes his excuses and leaves. After he's gone, Cara seems like she's going to suggest John stop going after McCrane, but John doesn't hear her out. He says she was right to want to go after him. Nobody will be safe until they take him down. We flash back to...

Fifteen years ago. John teleports back to the foster house. The drunk comes in and is disgusted to see the "stupid twit" is back. He's sure not giving back the money. Young John says he didn't want to be at the program any more. When the guy tries to hit John, he teleports out of the way. Eventually the old guy knocks him down though and proceeds to kick him. A gunshot rings out. The guy stops. John looks up and sees there's blood coming through the front of the man's undershirt. When he collapses, John sees Jed standing there, gun in hand. "You just learned a very important lesson, kid. Never expose your powers to anyone. I'm the only human being who's going to accept you for who you are. Okay." He strokes the kid's cheek, then pulls out his hanky, wipes down the gun and plants it next to the dead man. "He got drunk. Played with his pistol. Accidental discharge." In his own back? What? There's more "Kill or be killed," blabbing, but I'm now more out of this episode than I was when the World Series was on.

At the dinner, the conversation is pleasant and light, and Luca is pretty adorable, so of course mom sends him off so she can talk to Jed in front of just Stephen. She knows Stephen has been coming home bruised. She remembers her husband being fine before he went to work with Jed. Ultra changed Roger. It made him distant and paranoid. Still, Jed is family, so she'll allow Stephen to work with him. "But know this, Jed. I'm watching you." Jed tries to charm her, but Marla huffs off to get pie. Alone with Stephen, Jed asks Stephen to get John a message. Ultra needs his help to take out McCrane. He wants Stephen to arrange a meeting.

Russell is sure this is a trap. Stephen says he can teleport John in alone, and blindfolded. Cara can't believe John is going to help this man who has tried to kill them. John's only explanation is that despite knowing the worst of him, Jed's the closest thing he's ever had to a father. He's going to meet Jed, and he's going alone.

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