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Kill Me Tomorrow

Fifteen years ago. Wee McCrane and Wee John are sparring. McCrane hands John's ass to him. After, Jed gives John a pep talk on how to use his powers against the dark freaks he's currently warning Stephen about. Realizing how ridiculously old Robbie Amell seems as a current recruit, now that we're looking at an actual teen, Jed makes sure to add that John is their youngest recruit ever. It doesn't really help Jed, but thanks for trying. Anyhow, he tells John to tap into his anger. "It's the law of nature. Kill or be killed." We flash forward to Ultra, but just for a second, so that we can see a possibly regretful look on Jed's face.

When Stephen and John get to the warehouse where McCrane was, they decide it's the perfect time to chitchat. Really, Show. Shouldn't this have happened at the lair. John confides in Stephen that at first, with plenty of food and a roof over his head, Ultra seemed like Superkids Summer Camp. Then came the experiment, power extractions, deaths, shootings -- you know like the second week of camp. John says this is the opposite of what Stephen's father wanted -- a safe haven for SUPES. John says that when it seems like he's hanging back, he's just trying to fulfill Roger Price/Jameson's vision, the way he would have. When the hear music, they go off to investigate. John realizes they're right over a youth orchestra auditorium, which is adjacent to a warehouse. Really? Okay. John realizes McCrane was casing his next target.

McCrane arrives on the scene. John warns Stephen to watch his back, but McCrane tele-tosses him around a bit. John tells him to leave the kid alone. "You're looking for me. What do you want?" McCrane wants to know why Jed's golden boy finally left Ultra. He also wants John to come work with him, for revenge. John says McCrane is now no better than Jed is. When McCrane doesn't get the answer he wants, he teleports out. John tells Stephen they have a problem and the next shot tells us what -- time bombs. They beep down to 42 seconds and then we got to commercial. Does that mean the action will be over by the time the break ends?

No, it does not. Time must work differently in Neverland, um, I mean Tomorrow People Land. With about 20 seconds on the clock, John breaks some glass, hands a large shard to Stephen and tells him the bombs are in a circuit. They need to cut the black wires on all six devices at the same time. Can't Stephen just stop time in the time bombs vicinity and fix this stuff at your leisure? I mean, he can stop a speeding bullet midair. John zoops to all five places at once. When he yells, "Now," Stephen cuts his black wire. John returns to unmagical world and falls to the floor. Stephen rushes over and helps him up. We flash forward to the...

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