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Kill Me Tomorrow

An Ultra doctor confirms Stephen has no concussion and no broken bones. Jed tells him he's lucky. Jed tells Stephen the world is full of dark freaks, and it tactics, not "puppy dog eagerness" are called for in dealing with them. Jed then softens, and asks if Stephen's mom would be open to him coming over for dinner tonight. When Stephen says he'll ask, Jed says, "Maybe drop the hint to steer clear of brussel sprouts." Spellcheck doesn't recognize that. I check the Merriam-Webster online, and what do you know. It's brussels sprouts. I guess I always ran the SS together, and since I don't eat them either, Jed, I don't know that I've ever written the name. Huh.

After Stephen leaves, Jed tells Darcy to dig up all the surveillance footage for the facility up to and after the explosion (of his car). He figures if McCrane wanted him dead, he already would be. "I doubt that I'm his target." Maybe you're not his prime target, but why wouldn't he want you dead? The Contrivance Fairy says: "Do you really want to cover this show if Pellegrino isn't on it?" Point taken, CF.

At the lair, Cara and John reveal to Stephen that John and McCrane came up through Ultra together. John says, "He was the one kid with a story worse than mine. Beatings. Abuse." John probably watches Veronica Mars on TIM. Cara and John say that after the "Annex debacle" when McCrane left Ultra, Jed assigned John to bring him back. Stephen says, "He thinks you betrayed him." Cara adds, "And he won't stop killing, unless we stop him." Russell says, "We? I've barely been in this episode and now it's 'we'?" That might be a paraphrase. John's hoping McCrane will just slink back into hiding. Cara says if John won't go after McCrane, she will. John reminds her that Jed thinks Stephen gave Cara an injection that neutralized her powers. If Jed sees that she's fine, Stephen will get the needle. John asks where the warehouse is. Stephen tells him it's downtown and wonders why he asked. Well gee, Stephen, think about what everyone has been talking about all scene.

Over at Ultra, Darcy shows Jed security footage of McCrane taking advantage of the diversion his explosion caused. When the security guard leaves his post to investigate, McCrane sneaks over to his station and uses his computer to look up one file: John's. Jed zooms in on McCrane's face and we flashback to...

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