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Kill Me Tomorrow

Lair gym. John is shirtless, and pounding a punching bag. He flashes back to...

Fifteen years ago. Foster home. Jed lies to the dad that John has fantastic aptitude test scores. The foster father is sure John's an idiot. Jed blahs about gifts that go unnoticed by others, because he's not going to tell this sot that the kid is a SUPE. He then looks at John and thinks: That was you in the stolen car, wasn't it? John's eyes open wide. The camera shakes and goes out of focus, in case we forget this is a show about people with telepathy. Jed's thoughts continue: It's okay. I know you can read my mind. I can't do what you can do so just nod if you can hear me. John nods. Jed hands the foster father an envelope stuffed with cash, so he can take the kid then and there.

Back in the present, Cara finds John working out. She wants to talk about McCrane, because she knows he and John were friends. John says, "That's before they made him a killer. He's Ultra's problem now." He walks off, leaving Cara to stare after him. We cut to...

Ultra. Darcy (I'm just going with it) has a location on McCrane. Stephen wants in on the capture. When Jed is resistant, Stephen says he wants to prove himself to be more than Jed's nephew, and plays the, "I saved your life" card, like you do. Darcy wants to argue, but Jed stops her, points and says, "Not a hair off his head." Stephen runs off. Jed walks off. Darcy stands there rolling her eyes and thinking, "Kill me now."

A passel of agents arrive at the warehouse. Darcy is armed with a stun gun. The SAP Ultra agents have more effective weapons. Stephen has bubkes, if you don't count Darcy's orders for him to, "...stay in line and stay silent." The SAPS pry open the door on Darcy's directive. Stephen tries to at least grab their forgotten crowbar, but drops it when Darcy yells, "Let's go!"

When Darcy finally spots McCrane, Stephen disobeys orders and runs after him. McCrane telekinetically knocks down Darcy before she can fire her stun gun. McCrane is disappointed Stephen isn't John. It's okay, guy. So is most of the audience. When Stephen tele-grabs Darcy's dropped weapon, McCrane tele-knocks him on his ass, and looks down at him. "Hubris, boy." He tele-flips Stephen a few more times before Darcy is able to get to Stephen and teleport both of them out of there and back to...

Ultra. They have another rough landing. Stephen says, "You saved..." Darcy cuts him off. "My own ass. Not yours." She rises and stomps off into commercial.

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