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Kill Me Tomorrow

There's that's better. Stephen enters and asks Uncle Jed for a moment. Jed says, "No," and snips, "What did I tell you to call me, here?" Stephen throws in a "sir." Jed refuses to come over for dinner and tells Stephen to handle his mother. Jed tells the kid to study up on Killian McCrane and says, "He's a suspect in 15 bombings, responsible for 10 fatalities." Stephen's all, "I thought we couldn't kill." Jed explains he's a special snowflake and a former Ultra agent. When Stephen has more questions, Jed says, "I know you're not trying to upset me, Stephen, but you are. Read the file. And deal with your mother." By now, they're in the parking garage. Jed gets in his car and Stephen and the other agents start back inside. The car hesitates when Jed tries to start it up. Stephen looks back. Flames blaze from the undercarriage. Stephen teleports into the car, grabs Jed, teleports him out. Good thing the garage isn't lined with unobtainium. The two men have a rough landing. The car is rocked by an explosion. I'm not rocked by this episode, yet. Where's Logan? I want Logan.

Cara and John are watching footage of the explosion when Stephen arrives back at the lair. How is that possible? Is my memory (or understanding) faulty? Wasn't it just last week that Ultra found the spyware Stephen installed in Ultra's system. I mean, I know TIM's TIM and all, but how does he have footage of Ultra's garage? John is pissed at Stephen for saving Jed's life. Stephen says he's no killer, so John reminds him that Jed is. Stephen brings up Killian Jones McCrane. John and Cara explain that Ultra had something called the "Annex Project" in which they used experimental drug therapies to weaponize SUPES -- destroy the part of the brain that contains a SUPE's "so-called prime barrier" which is what keeps them from killing. The result was a bunch of dead agents. John says only McCrane survived, but he's pretty fried. It's all Jed's fault that McCrane is killing his precious humans. Stephen wants to bring in McCrane -- to Ultra. He thinks if he does so, he can gain Jed's trust and get a higher clearance. John and Cara think this is crazy sauce. Stephen reminds them McCrane is a killer. John doesn't care. He makes a point of nearly spitting out that he no longer works for Ultra, then swans off.

Alone with Stephen, Cara tells him that John's history of working with Ultra is rough. He won't even tell Cara some of it. Stephen knows, but insists McCrane must be stopped. He should call in Veronica Mars. She's about the only one who ever could reach him. Instead, Stephen makes it clear he'll go it alone, and also swans off. We cut to the...

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