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Kill Me Tomorrow

Present. Lair. Stephen teleports into the lair, and makes a spectacularly bumpy landing. John explains he has to forget about his Ultra training. When Jed wrote the book, he tried to make their powers about intellect, but they're about instinct. Stephen has to beg off and get home for dinner. I wish I could teleport right to my bed right now and then telekinetically type up the rest of this recap from my sleep, but I don't think Tubey would allow that… and I'm pretty sure he can kill. After Stephen leaves, Cara turns to John. "Three hours of teleport training? Are you trying to kill him?" John says, "You should have seen my training," and walks off. Yep, he's trying to kill him, Cara.

Stephen is late for supper. His mother notices an abrasion on his wrist, so Stephen lies about it. Then mom asks him about an after school club and tells him to think before answering. Stephen admits he hasn't been going. Mom mentions she hasn't seen Astrid in days. Stephen says they had a falling out, but it will be fine. I don't know. I'm enjoying the break. Mom wants to know what he's been doing after school, but she already kind of knows. She found his employee badge from Uncle Jed's company. Mom doesn't trust Jed, but Stephen says he wants to find out more about Dad. Mom says that's fine, but she wants Stephen to invite Jed to dinner. We cut to the...

Lair. Cara enters the nerve center, where John and TIM show her news coverage of four different explosions heading east. The next big city in line is New York. Cara asks if it could be McCrane, and we don't know who that is yet, story-wise, but I can't pretend I don't know he's played by Jason Dohring, whom I will never not think of as Logan Echolls. John thinks it is McCrane, but he has no idea why he'd come back, and nobody's going to share it with us.

Ultra. Day. While Jed watches similar news footage of the explosion, an agent tells him she's compiling intel on Killian McCrane, but the latest update was almost two years ago. Jed tells her to add the four new explosions to McCrane's file. "Just a hunch." All right, you know what I have a hunch about, but haven't figured out yet? Is this agent Darcy (the telepathy expert) or is she someone else, who shares a certain resemblance? I don't think a lot of fans of this show are big users, because the info is less complete than it is for most shows. Honestly I think I had the same problem last week. My shows are ganging up on me. The Vampire Diaries (TVD) now has a new character, who looks a lot like star Nina Dobrev, but Dobrev already plays two roles (sometimes more) on the show. Also, TVD features a character named Stefan. I never had trouble typing his name, but since I started covering The Tomorrow People, I keep typing it like Stephen. Then on this show, I want to call actual Stephen Steven, and I don't even know why. Now Logan is here, but they're telling me his name is Killian, which is already the name of Captain Hook on Once Upon A Time. I just need to bang my head on the desk. I'll be right back.

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