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Kill Me Tomorrow
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A funny thing happened on the way to the forum. I looked up the title of next week's episode, so I could tease it at the end of this recap, only to find it is "All Tomorrow's Parties." If you read the recaplet, you might remember that's the headline I originally gave to this episode, as a subtle tribute to the late, great Lou Reed. Am I developing telepathy? I sure hope not. I can barely stand knowing what people tell me. I certainly have no desire to learn what they actually think. You'll note it's been changed now, and that's why, so ta-dah!

It's been a weird week. Monday the kids had off school, because the teachers had "Professional Development Day." Tuesday was my 19th anniversary. My husband and I remembered it, but we barely got to spend any time together. Wednesday was a half day at school, because it's regularly scheduled, monthly professional development time for the teachers. No, I don't get why the get a full day off and then a half day in the same week, but where do I sign up? Wednesday was also the final game of the World Series (and we're lifelong Bostonians). I couldn't even watch "Kill Or Be Killed," or write the recaplet until ass o'clock Thursday morning. Thursday was Halloween, and we have three kids (two of whom still trick or treat) and live in a neighborhood with a lot of kids. The plan was for my husband to answer the door, while I watched The Vampire Diaries and wrote its recaplet, but our dog (whom we've had for less than a year) needed to be held back every time the trick or treaters came to the door, so now it's ass o'clock Friday morning and I'm sitting here recapping my life instead of The Tomorrow People. I'd change the headline to "Kill Me Now," except I've been trying to stick to titles containing today, tomorrow, or yesterday. Before you are ready to kill me now, I'll get on with the show. You ready? Okay.

Fifteen years ago, a much younger John (Mitchell Kummen) is speeding down the road in a yellow Ford Mustang, with the police hot on his trail. He runs straight into a roadblock, but when the cops approach the car it's empty. John teleports into his house, where a bunch little boys ransack his backpack for food. John assures them there's plenty where that came from. One little boy holds his fingers up to his lips and shushes John. Why? Because they're all foster children of a nasty drunk. High on his new powers, John confronts the souse about drinking all their money while he has to steal food. When the man's back is turned, John grabs a knife and tries to kill him, but he is unable to, because remember, Tomorrow People can't kill. When he drops the knife, the man picks it up and threatens John. Jed arrives at the door, introduces himself and says he's looking for a foster child, "John Young." We flash forward to the...

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