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Tomorrow Never Knows

Jed does a post-mortem with Stephen and Vaughn at Ultra. Vaughn sticks up for Stephen, but Stephen flat out says he's not helping them execute a kid. He offers to leave, but Jed says that isn't an option. He wonders if Stephen wanted to hand the breakout Kurt to the free Tomorrow People, which would be unforgivable. Stephen denies he has anything further to discuss. Jed then reveals he has a senior telepath ready to debrief Stephen. Before he lets the boy go, he takes notice of Stephen's watch and says it once belonged to Jack. Jed opens it up and removes the D-chip, which he knows deflects telepathy. Of course, Jed keeps it and then hands Stephen over to the Senior Telepath.

At the SUPES lair, Kurt appears to be easily blending in with the gang. Cara and John stand nearby and debrief. She tells him it was right to save Stephen and bring in Kurt. She says John can trust Stephen. John says, "I know. You trust him, and I trust you." Cara again proposes a visit to their hotel suite. John is all in, but then Cara gets a tele-message that Stephen is in trouble. John says, "I may trust him, but I really hate his timing." Whee!

During their tele-convo, Stephen reveals Jed took the D-chip watch and has some bionic telepath ready to read him. Cara advises him to leave, but Stephen can't, so Cara tells him he must fill his mind with something so overwhelming it displaces everything else in his mind. The telepath sits across from Stephen and asks him his name. He answers truthfully, but starts filling his mind with his mother's memory of when his dad abandoned them. When the telepath asks if the Tomorrow People assisted in Kurt's escape, Stephen is able to block her from reading his true thoughts, while he lies, "Not that I know of." The rest of the conversation continues in this fashion. Stephen is able to remain focused on his psychic block.

Guards lead Stephen to Jed at Ultra, who gives Stephen back his (probably now chip-free) watch. Once the guards depart, Jed tells Stephen he passed his debriefing with flying colors. He thanks the boy for being a straight shooter. He now only blames the loss of Kurt on Vaughn, for failing to keep Stephen in check. When Stephen protests and says it wasn't Vaughn's fault, Jed says it's about accountability. "I'm accountable. Yes, there are people above me, Stephen." Stephen asks who that would be, and Jed brushes him off and says today's lesson is that failure won't be tolerated. Stephen asks what will happen to Vaughn. Jed says, "He's being put on a desk. Not your concern." As he walks off he adds, "Have a good night." Once Jed is out of sight, Stephen picks up his phone and then traces the rings down the hall. He finally stops outside a room. The camera pans in and inside lies Vaughn. I'm not sure if he's nearly dead, or really and sincerely dead. I mean, he's in a body bag, but a body bag that doesn't cover his face. He darn sure looks dead, though. Stephen's jaw nearly hits the floor as he processes what he's seen.

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