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Tomorrow Never Knows

At Ultra, Stephen asks Vaughn if there's any news on Kurt. He finds it hard to believe that the kid was hiding so close to home. Vaughn asks Stephen where he first went when he discovered his powers. Stephen says, "Nowhere." Vaughn says, "Exactly. The crazier your life gets, the more we want to hold on to what's familiar."

Kurt us using binoculars at his house, as Stephen discovers when he teleports to a nearby rooftop. We're at the precursor to the opening scene; the one I thought was a dream when I missed the "three days ago" chyron. Kurt is watching his mother carry groceries into the house, when Stephen appears. Stephen says, "It's where I would have come. Empty building. Good view of your house. I've got a family too, okay? I'm not going to hurt you." Kurt, "You're the dick who ratted me out." Stephen says he didn't know Ultra would send in a SWAT Team. Kurt says he's either a liar or an idiot. "Either way, I'll pass." He's not that wrong. Stephen tries to explain about the SUPES and Ultra, but Kurt isn't receptive, even when Stephen guesses that Kurt is robbing banks to help his mother with medical bills.

Stephen has nearly talked Kurt into coming with him to the SUPE lair, when Vaughn teleports to the scene and sucker punches Stephen. As Vaughn tries to approach, Kurt tele-throws the man back a few yards. They're in the unfinished attic, inside the building upon which Stephen found Kurt, who teleports through a wall. Stephen begs Vaughn not to hurt the kid. Vaughn says he's just going to "put him to sleep for a little while." Vaughn gives chase. Stephen tries to follow, but slams into the wall the first time. He succeeds the second time and they teleport through several walls. (Just how the hell long is this place?) Vaughn fires his gun at Kurt. How is that possible? Maybe it's a tranquilizer gun? It doesn't look like it, though.

Stephen screams for Kurt to stop and then takes a 2x4 and clocks Vaughn with it. Then Kurt teleports away and Stephen races after. Eventually, he finds him on the roof, and we revisit this episode's opening scene. Stephen says, "Stop it. You don't understand. You and me? We're the same." They're not, because Stephen has way better hair. Kurt says, "Oh, yeah? Prove it." He tele-moves Stephen across the roof. Once he has Stephen literally hanging over the edge, Kurt teleports out of sight and leaves us smack dab in the middle of commercial.

How are there still 15 minutes left of this? (Sorry, I need a SUPE-r filter). Stephen is just about to fall off the otherwise empty roof when John tele-arrives, grabs his hand and saves his life. Meanwhile, back inside the under-construction building, Cara arrives and calls out for Kurt. She spouts out some emo babble about being alone, terrified and then getting help. Finally Kurt answers and says it's gone too far and he thinks he's pushed Stephen off the roof. Cara confirms Stephen is fine and tells Kurt to come out. He screams about her leaving him alone, so she teleports behind him, and yells at him about wanting to help him (or similar) but punches and knocks him out in the process.

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