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Tomorrow Never Knows

At Ultra, Stephen bursts in his uncle's office and reams him out for putting a kill order on a kid. Jed rationalizes. I yawn. It's too much for me, too soon. Jed thinks the SUPES are one mutation away from acquiring the ability to kill, when clearly the SUPES are one mutation past needing to do so. There's more protecting humanity blah-blee-bloo. As Stephen takes his leave, Jed warns him against ever barging into his office, again. Commercial.

Rooftop at sunset, Stephen waits until Cara, John and Russell arrive. He informs them about the new breakout, but they already know all about Kurt. The SUPES --duh-- Stephen frets that Ultra will kill him and that he thought they just deactivated their powers. Cara says, "When a breakout demonstrates anti-social behavior, they take more extreme measures." Stephen says they have to find them, but John says it's now too late. Stephen pretty much calls them pussies. John carries on about his responsibilities. Stephen will have none of it. He's saving the kid. Before John grabs Cara's hand to leave, he tells Stephen that the SUPES are just a hunted species trying to survive, and that's all Stephen's father had in mind. After the couple leaves, Russell pats Stephen on the shoulder and also teleports away. Stephen hangs his head over the rail and stews.

After some cute family back and forth in the kitchen, Luca excuses himself, leaving Stephen the chance to ask Mama why their dad left, and why the family changed their name. Mama says dad was out of control and she never knew where he was and what he was doing. They ended up on the run, moving from city to city until they moved there. Mama thought they were done running, but says it was just that Dad was done with her. Stephen promises her she'll never again suffer that sort of loss.

During some exposition in the SUPES lair between John and TIM we learn John built TIM (or at least had a hand in it). Their light conversation is interrupted by Cara who tells John that she thinks Stephen is right; they must bring in Kurt. Russell allows that the kid is a reckless jackass, but says he was too, but now he's awesome, and he pretty much is. Cara reminds John that he had no business bringing her in, yet here she stands. John cops to that, but pleads a version of youth and ignorance, I guess. Please don't make me transcribe the dreck. John doesn't regret saving her, and Cara doesn't want to regret not saving Kurt. Russell is on Team Redemption. At some point, they have to fight back. Cara says they're all for survival, but only if it has a point.

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