Tomorrow People
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Tomorrow Never Knows

Oh, wait.... Kurt tele-moves a dumpster to block the SUPES path, and then he teleports away. Before the SUPES can react, cops enter the alley. John says, "Let's go." They're gone in a flash, because...SUPES.

Jed watches a video of the second bank guard this month to tell the story of someone controlling his actions. Jed dispatches Vaughn (Stephen's trainer) to find Kurt. When Stephen wants to go along, Jed tries to discourage him, but Stephen presses his case. Vaughn vouches for the kid. Jed orders him to be a fly on the wall.

In the SUPES lair Cara and John are sparring, which involves both hand to hand and telepathy. John confesses he lost track of Cara last night. She admits she went to see Stephen. Sexual tension infuses the whole scene. At John's prompting, Cara admits she gave Stephen John's D-chip watch, as she's trying to protect the kid. She also refers to the boy as "the Chosen One." I have a lovely hallucination that I'm covering Buffy the Vampire Slayer from the beginning. (Sorry Ace, Sep, and Couch Barron, but I'd turn back time and steal it if I could. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying I'd do it better. I'm just saying I'm a selfish, covetous fiend. You would and did do it better, I JUST WANTS THE PRECIOUS). John exhibits some jealousy and Cara calls him on it. She rubs it in, but John stands firm. He won't let Stephen take the rest of them down with him. So, what does Cara do? She takes down John and then says she thinks she's got it.

At Kurt's house, Stephen listens at first, while Vaughn questions Kurt's mother about his habits and acquaintances. Once he notices the prescription bottle on the occasional table, Stephen has to ask about it. Mrs. Rundle tells the men that Kurt's father died when Kurt was five. Stephen takes off to investigate Kurt's room. Once he's up there, he senses Kurt in the crawlspace, above. The boy keeps chanting "Go away, please. Just go away." Stephen returns downstairs and tele-tells Vaughn that Kurt is hiding in a crawlspace above his bedroom. Vaughn tele-talks his congrats to Stephen, then thanks Mrs. Rundle for her time and asks her to call if she hears from Kurt. When she reaches for Vaughn's card, he tasers her. Stephen objects, but his cries fall on deaf ears. A SWAT team arrives. Vaughn directs them to Kurt's room. Stephen asks why they're there. Vaughn says, "We can't kill people. They can." Stephen runs after them and yells at the guys to wait. He's horrified when they shoot through the ceiling.

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Tomorrow People




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