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Tomorrow Never Knows

After John leaves to clean up, Cara rummages through John's things in search of something called a "D-chip." TIM chides her at first, but eventually locates it for her. It seems the D-chip, whatever that be, is hidden inside a watch. TIM reminds Cara that John won't be pleased with her rummaging and pilfering. Cara says, "Someone needs it more than we do."

Then we're back to Stephen's room. He's just toweling off after a shower when Cara tele-pathizes him. He chuckles and suggests they establish some ground rules, " not invading each other's minds while we're naked." Oh Stephen, methinks thou dost protest too much. Also, you're way too buff for a 17-year-old. Sorry, Show. It's not that I don't appreciate that pretty. It's that I don't appreciate being told the pretty is 17, when it's truly 25; 25 only makes me feel like a cougar; your faux 17 makes me feel like I ought to be on some ugly list, somewhere, but he's not 17, so I won't accept that. SORAS the character, already.

No we're at a bar. Cara puts the old D-chip watch on Stephen's wrist and explains it contains the same Unobtainium that Ultra uses in its secure sections. If he keeps it on, it will protect his thoughts from prying eyes. A watch? Really? Are you sure it just won't protect his wrist from prying eyes. I guess this is ULTRA UNOBTAINIUM. Stephen thinks Cara has ulterior -- or at least, selfish -- motives because he notes it will also protect her. Then he does a non-sequitur to a confession that he read his mom's memory of his dad's departure. "He was awful to her. Maybe I am making a mistake." I didn't follow his thought process on first watch and I don't, now. I mean, yeah, he's probably making a mistake, but since he's pissed at his dad, and his dad opposed Ultra, I can't understand how he's arriving at his conclusion. Is it just me? Cara just blahs that spending time in people's heads only makes it clearer that people are complicated. Stephen says, "John says you have a sister." Cara frowns. "We might be connected, but we're not there, yet." Well then Cara, maybe you ought to stay out of his thoughts when he's nekkid.

Back at the SUPES lair, John tele-pathizes to Cara that they've just located Kurt. Now he's knocking off armored trucks. Cara tells Stephen she has to leave and asks him to take care of himself.

In an alley Kurt raids an armored truck. Cara, John, and Russell arrive just as he's ready to leave. Once he sees them, he takes off. First he runs, but once there is distance between them, he stops to face them. The SUPES assure him they won't hurt him or turn him in. They just want him to come with them, so they can explain everything. Kurt telekinesi...shit I need a word (real or made up) for when they tele-move stuff with their…

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Tomorrow People




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