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Tomorrow Never Knows

After Astrid leaves in a huff, Stephen tries to tell his mother he feels better than he has in a year, and needs neither the meds nor the shrink. Mama says that's just what his father used to say, but he wasn't fine and neither is Stephen. Mama then makes the fatal mistake of saying she can't force Stephen to do anything. I mean, she's not wrong, and in this actual case, she shouldn't be forcing Stephen to take those meds, but she's not operating with full information, so she doesn't know that. Given the (mis)information she has, she should never be admitting she can't force this kid to do something she fully believes is in his best interest. It takes mostly obedient first-born children way longer to realize their parents can't force them to do something. So I hear. Ahem.

Anyhow, instead of standing on her authority, Mama resorts to an emotional appeal. "You, me, and Luca? That's all we've got," she reminds him. It's effective after a fashion, in that it gets Stephen to promise he'll call his doctor about his meds. The thing is, he's probably lying. Had she forced his hand, maybe Stephen would have realized he needs to 'fess up to his mother about his newly honed abilities. Oh sure, both the SUPES and Ultra would claim otherwise, but I'm watching this like a mom. Ultra and the SUPES have their own aims in mind and Stephen is just a player or maybe even just a pawn. Stephen's well-being is his mother's aim. I mean, if he teleported, and then moved something with his mind, that would be hard to argue with, and Mama would be an ally for life -- and one he didn't have to deceive.

Anyhow, when Stephen hugs his mother, he hones in one of her memories and probably one of her worst. He sees the night his father left. Mama is offering Dad alternatives. They can move again. Dad says that just won't work because, "I don't love you, anymore." In the present, Stephen cringes. When his mother asks him what's wrong, Stephen lies, "Nothing. I just... I'm tired. I think I'm going to crash." Mama's other fatal mistake? She lets him. I'm sorry, but while I don't think Luca needs after school babysitting, since she does, and she's the Mama, and Stephen directly disobeyed orders, never answered his phone, and got home way after 8 PM, he should not get a free pass to his room. Hash it out, Mama. Hash it!

She ignores me and we cut to the SUPES lair. TIM shows Cara, John and Russell video of Kurt engineering Harold's robbery of the bank. In the scene, we learn John stole TIM from Ultra, which is all kinds of awesome. TIM finally identifies Kurt's face. There's blah about when Cara first sensed the kid and we learn the kid's mom has reported him as missing. Cara can't pick up on his voice until his breakout is complete. John figures they have to wait for him to strike again and hope Ultra doesn't find him first. Russell is unimpressed by this approach and votes with his feet. Once they're alone, Cara tries to pick John's brain. He admits it's a dark place where no one should be. Cara suggests they take the night off and tele-weasel their way into their favorite hotel room. TIM reports it's currently occupied by a guy who watches way too much porn. Um, TIM, do you want me to rename you TMI? John agrees to Cara's suggestion, so I guess that means he wants them to crash Porn Addict's suite. What?

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