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Tomorrow Never Knows

We then cut to a bank where a security guard named Harold (Nicholas Carella) is shooting up the place. He swears something is controlling his body. There's a note pinned to his chest demanding that the tellers hand over all the money. The guard is sweating, crying and apologizing. When the cops show up, he places his weapon on the floor, puts his hands behind his head and then drops the bag of cash in the trash, then heads outside before the officers enter. A creepy looking kid, we'll later learn is named Kurt Rundle (Nick Eversman), is watching with glee. Once Harold is out of the building, the cops enter and interview witnesses. Kreepy Kurt grabs the bag of cash and slips out.

Now we cut to the subway, on an empty car, where Stephen makes a telepathy call to Cara. When she doesn't answer, he teleports right into the SUPES lair. John, Russell and some random SUPES are less than pleased to see Stephen, the newbie traitor. Cara arrives and feels the same way. Stephen says he knows what he's gotten himself into and he's there to give them a head's up. Ultra entered his head today, and they might figure out he is talking to the SUPES. John gives Stephen guff about choosing Ultra. Stephen says that since he has a life and family, he had no choice but to work for Ultra. John tells him they had human lives, and mentions the little sister Cara left behind. They all made sacrifices and blah, blah, blah sob cakes. I already hate the constant distinction both the SAPS and SUPES are making between their species. They're not so frickin' different that they couldn't co-exist, for cry-yi-ying out loud. God, imagine if our math geniuses and word nerds squared off like brainy Sharks and Jets. Stephen doesn't understand how the free SUPES think they'll find his dad (Jack) if they're hiding under the city streets like a bunch of paranormal rats (okay, he says refugees, but I prefer my phrasing). As God is his witness, Stephen will do whatever it takes. John goes on about Ultra's ultimate goal of eradicating the SUPES' species. He used to work there, so he ought to know. As long as Stephen is in their lair, the rest of them aren't safe. Title card.

NYC at night. When Stephen arrives home, Luca nearly tackles hugs him. He explains he's, "Saying goodbye… Mom's gonna kill you." I like Luca. He adds a little bit of normal teenager-y to the show. And here's Mama, asking Stephen where he's been. He didn't pick up Luca from soccer. He didn't make dinner. He didn't write. He didn't call. Where's the love? Then, Astrid appears. Apparently her call kept Mama from calling the cops. I'm not sure why. I mean, I'm a mother of a 17-year-old. If my oldest son flaked on one of his younger siblings, I'd be pretty worried and hella mad. If he also flaked on a pretty girl, I'd be sure he was dead. Stephen apologizes for forgetting to call. Mama asks how long he's been off his meds. She found them in the trash. Hey, kids. If you need meds, I'm not encouraging you to trash them. You should talk your concerns over with both your doctor and your parents. If you feel the meds aren't working, maybe the adults in your life need to explore other medications or treatments. That said, if you're going to trash your meds, flush one pill at a time, so it looks like you're taking them. Shhh. You never heard that from me. (Please do what your doctor says).

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