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Tomorrow Never Knows

As Stephen and younger brother Luca walk to the bus stop, he says he's supposed to babysit him after school, but neither bro is into that idea. And seriously, Luca attends Stephen's high school, so he must be at least 14, right? (The actor who plays him is 18). Stephen leaves Luca with a warning to stay out of trouble. Luca points out Stephen's headed away from the bus stop. Stephen mutters an excuse about finding another way to school. Once he's alone, he narrates, "And sometimes my powers..." and runs down an alley and disappears into a teleportation blur. When he materializes in a new location, his right foot lands unceremoniously in a full mop bucket. He then finishes his assessment that sometimes his powers are: "...are a little off." I already have that superpower, without the teleportation.

In the hallway, Stephen sees Astrid. After he attempts to joke away his breakdown (which Astrid doesn't believe was a SUPE break out) Stephen agrees to Astrid's suggestion that they hang and he invites her to his house at 8 PM.

Cut to Ultra, just don't make me look at that building for too long. Stephen narrates about his "after school job." It's a bunch of Ultra exposition I don't have time to repeat. If you didn't watch the pilot, read a recap, here. Bottom line, Ultra is researching the SUPES. We watch Stephen hone his teleportation and telekinesis thoughts to mixed results then cut to him and his trainer, Vaughn (Carter MacIntyre), practicing telepathy. Mythology Moment: telepathy is more than reading current thoughts and when well-honed, it will give the reader access to the subject's emotions and memories, too. To be honest, Vaughn says feelings and emotions (and memories). Is he too dumb to live? Stephen has flashes of memories: his dad and the coin trick; Astrid at school; his mother; Jack teleporting him. Stephen wonders what that means regarding the things he doesn't want Ultra (or any other SUPES, I guess) to see. He grows more and more uncomfortable, then finally slams the table and rises. When Vaughn says they're not done, Stephen says he has to babysit and flees the room.

Sadly, out in the hall, Stephen runs into Uncle Jed. Jed wants to bring Stephen up to speed on their program. They have news feeds, surveillance cameras, monitors, and everything else Edward Snowden warned us about. They track all the symptoms that might lead them to new SUPES breaking out. They found Stephen due to reports of what was thought to be sleep-walking (but he was really fledgling sleep teleportation). I know this is a new series and all, but the exposition is killing me. There's talk of how SUPES are Homo superiors. Neither man likes that term. Stephen probably doesn't, because he's a 17-year-old guy. Jed doesn't like it, because it implies the Homo sapiens are inferior. (And we kind of are, right?) The SUPES have all this power and they can't kill. Let's evolve, already. Jed disagrees, saying the SUPES can "strike" anywhere and anytime.

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