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Tomorrow Never Knows

In the SUPES lair, Stephen tells John that they have to talk. John tries to play it off like they're even, but Stephen persists. He knows John is right about Ultra and can no longer work there. "They killed my partner because of me. Now, I thought I could find my dad without getting caught up in my uncle's world, but I was wrong." John tells Stephen, "No you weren't. I was." He's taken to heart Stephen's charge that they can't keep hiding and running. They need to stand and fight. John says it's perfect that Stephen is working for Ultra. They need him on the inside. Stephen refuses to return. He can't risk the telepath using his brain to reveal the SUPES location. Cara passes by. Stephen continues, albeit haltingly. "I won't put the people I care about in danger." John's grin is wry. "I didn't realize you had such strong feelings for us. Look, if Ultra could get inside your head, they'd be here, right now. Look, you had that watch. Your father gave me that when he left, not just to protect me. He told me it was to remind me to be brave. I guess somehow I must have forgotten that. Thanks for reminding me, Stephen. It's yours, now." Stephen caresses the watch.

Stephen meets with Cara at Chinese restaurant and asks if she's sure they're safe. She says they're in one of the few safe spots where Ultra can't pick up on them. Whoever built the joint was one of them. (I guess that means it was lined with Unobtainium, and what Cara means is that the SUPES who work for Ultra can't telepathically detect them there, but I don't want to think about it harder and risk brain explosion). Stephen clarifies, "I meant safe from your boyfriend." Cara tries to play an incensed version of coy, "My what?" She says that with John, "It's not like that." Oh, really? It seemed exactly like that when you were kissing him and trying to lure him to a hotel. Just sayin'," Stephen plays along. "It's a new species of relationship. In the future, people won't have to use outdated terms like boyfriend and girlfriend." Cara asks if he really brought her there to talk about her personal life. Stephen says, "No. I just wanted to thank you for talking me through a bad situation."

Cara wonders how Stephen kept the telepath expert out of his head. Stephen says he thought of the most painful thing he could think of. Taking her hand, he says, "I'll show you." He shares with her his vision of his mother's memory of his dad telling her he didn't love her and then leaving. This time, there's an end tag: wee Stephen tells Dad he could hear him and Mom arguing and asks Dad if he's leaving. Dad says, "Yes, but I'll be back. I need you to do me a favor. I need you to look after your mom." Wee Stephen tells dad he doesn't want him to go. Dad knows this, and says he doesn't want to leave, either. "Be brave for me, Stephen. Be brave." Back in the present, Cara's eyes wince in horror. Stephen says, "That's why I have to find him. I can't let that be my last memory of my dadÔÇŽI'm gonna do what he asked me to do. I'm going to take care of my family..." Over a montage of Stephen at home with his family and Astrid, at the lair with the SUPES, and at Ultra, doing just that, the narration continues. "I'm going to be a better brother, a better son, and a better friend. To both of our species, because what I've realized is that I can't turn my back on either of them. The only way I can do all this is by pretending to be a good soldier, by working for my uncle. Staying one step ahead of him, and that is what I'm going to do."

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