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Tomorrow Never Knows
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Over scenes from the pilot, Stephen narrates the show opener. "My name is Stephen Jameson. I am one of the Tomorrow People, the next step in human evolution. They call our powers the three T's: telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation. There is shadow war going on between us and Ultra -- the secret organization that hunts us. The only way to keep my species from going extinct is to find my father, and the only way to do that, is by working for the enemy," he explains.

As previously learned on The Tomorrow People, Stephen meets his unknown uncle, whom he knows as Dr. Jedikiah Price, of Ultra. Jed has a picture of himself and Stephen's dad, Jack, when they were little boys. Jed explains that while he was born human (i.e. a SAP), Jack was born like Stephen (i.e. a SUPE). Stephen confronts Tomorrow chick Cara and asks why she didn't tell him that Jedikiah was his uncle. Cara insists Stephen isn't like Jed. Stephen says he's going to work for Ultra Uncle. Cara warns him that he doesn't know what he's getting himself into. Jed welcomes Stephen to Ultra.

(I want you to understand that this is a weecap, not a full recap, so I won't usually cover the opening narration and the previous business, I just figure since we're all new to this show, it'll help to remind us what's what. And what's what, right now, is that it's weecap time. You ready? Okay).

So, currently, on The Tomorrow PeopleStephen squares off with a "break out" (i.e. a developing) SUPE. In trying to subdue the boy, Stephen tells him that the two of them are the same. The boy, however, is in a frenzy and hits Stephen with a wave of telekinetic power that seems about to push our hero off the roof. As Stephen starts to fall, the car horns blare, below. We cut to...

Stephen's Bedroom. The chyron reads: "Three days ago." Stephen wakes in his bed to the sound of his alarm. On first watch, I originally missed the chyron, and thought Stephen had a prophetic dream, and wondered what "T" word we were going to use for that power, which is neither here nor there. Anyhow, Mama Marla gets Stephen up, tells him she's working a double at the hospital, and that he is in charge of picking up and watching his little brother, and getting creative with dinner. Now that's the superpower I want: creating dinners out of nearly nothing. Mom tosses Stephen a refill of his meds. Of course the pricey meds are the reason poor Mama Marla has to work a double, in the first place, so I hope Stephen has the grace to eventually tell her he no longer needs them. Don't worry about me… I'm used to having my hopes dashed. Mom sighs over the state of Stephen's room and her parting words are an order to clean it. Once she's gone, Stephen narrates that sometimes his powers work perfectly, and then follows his mother's last order with his handy, dandy new power of telekinesis. Scratch dinner creativity. That's the power I want. Stephen thinks it's pretty cool, too. When he reaches the bathroom, he turns to find his room neat and tidy, and can't help but grin. Lucky bastard.

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