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Welcome to the weecap of "Girl, Interrupted," in which Cara Coburn's back story is introduced, and we learn about her traumatic "breakout" from seeming SAP to SUPE. The bones of Cara's back story are so malformed, instead of "Yesterday," I probably should have given it the headline: "Scoliosis: When Good Back Stories Go Bad."

A chyron informs us that we're opening five years ago. With balloon arches, flashing lights, and a disco ball, the setting seems to be a prom, but none of the kids are dressed fancily enough, so let's just call it a dance. Two teen boys enter. One of them spots little wallflower, Cara. I only call her a wallflower, because the show is begging me to. Cara is sitting in a chair against the wall, and while I can't get a good enough look at the pattern of her dress to swear to it, it strikes me as floral. She's wearing glasses, and her hair is styled with overly heavy bangs, to further drive home the point that our now kick-ass Cara was unsuccessful as a SAP. One boy tells the other the nasty things boys say about girls, like, "That girl literally doesn't say no." He pressures his friend into hitting on our girl.

When the boy, whom I'm going to call Randy Rapist, sits next to Cara, the sound fades away, leaving us with little but a heartbeat. Randy's lips are moving, but we can't hear his voice. At first, Cara only shoots him furtive looks, which is weird, because he is right next to her. Finally, she turns to fully face him, and the sound fades back in, just as he's asking if she can read lips. Cara nods. Randy tells her she's not missing anything, because the music sucks. When she smiles, he asks her if she'd like to leave and go somewhere more "quiet." Quiet, really? He couldn't have said private to the deaf girl? He had to say quiet. Ugh.

In his SUV, Randy drives Cara to a secluded spot. It's only a kiss or two before he moves too far too fast. When Cara pushes him off, he calls her a deaf bitch and gets rough. After he rips her dress, Cara runs. Randy chases her through a foggy meadow and tackles her. The sound fades out again as he flips her onto her back and straddles her. The sound returns just in time for Cara to scream. The scream itself seems to lift him and throw him off her. Randy gets to his feet first, but when Cara rises, she holds her hands out and telepathically throws Randy much further, this time. With tearful eyes, she examines her hands as she tries to understand what she's just done. When an owl hoots, Cara looks around in confusion. Crickets chirp and some toads join the chorus. Then the sound turns into a sharp screeching noise. Putting her hands over her ears, Cara pants and then passes out. We flash forward to the...

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