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Enemy Of My Enemy

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Cooking With John

Jed: Charlotte's totally used to us. Besides, I put in time bomb in Julian's head -- one I control. He's inclined to follow my orders. You don't have an explosive device in your head, Stephen.

Stephen: There's nothing in my head, at all.

Audience: :)

Jed: And you're in love with Cara. Nana nana booboo. That's why Julian has the mission and you don't.

John: When I arrive at the lair, everyone turns to look at me.

Russell: I promised myself I wouldn't cry. Welcome back, buddy. Big hugs.

Cara: Charlotte's missing.

John: Julian's got her and it's all my fault.

Recapper: TAINT! How is this your fault? It's dumb for you to blame yourself. Hell, I only even blame Cara a little for this (leaving the kid unattended, but she looks to be about 14 -- you can leave a 14 year old while you grocery shop). Most of the blame falls to Julian and Charlotte.

John: It's only a matter of time before Ultra gets inside her head and gets everything they need.

Jed: Since this is supposed to be a weecap, I'll just note that's exactly what happens. Julian tortures the poor kid. It's bad enough that I put a stop to it.

Audience: Oh, our word. We still have to assume you might be working both ends against the middle!

Jed: Uh huh. Meanwhile, John and Cara torture you all by having an angst-filled scene.

Recapper: In a flashback, I save Cara from getting picked up by Ultra.

Cara: And I save him right back.

Julia Roberts: Stop. Thief!

Julian: I've gotten everything I needed. I know where TTP are hiding. I'll be needing a kill squad, in case they give me any trouble.

Jed: Okee dokee.

Audience: That's it? No instructions. No orders. No parameters.

Stephen: I'm coming with you.

Julian: With me and my kill squad. Muahahahahaha.

Stephen: I tele-warn Cara that Julian and the kill squad are on the way.

Cara: I fill John in.

Sponsors: We peddle our wares.

Recapper: I need someone to talk me down from buying those Old Navy Pixie Pants. I'm about one size too big and one decade too old.

Sponsors: They'll fit you exactly like they fit that 20-something year old model. Plus, they'll look great with your new, kicky boots.

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Tomorrow People




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