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Enemy Of My Enemy

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Cooking With John

Astrid: Hush. We're having a moment, here. As it ends, I tell John to face his fear of going back to the lair. Take your own leap of faith.

Russell: At the lair, I ask Cara how Julian knew where we'd be.

Cara: Our grocery grab. I was borrowing a page from Julian's playbook.

Recapper: But you guys have been after-hours shoplifting since the beginning of the series. How did Julian know which store, what day and what time?

TIM: Would you believe ALICE?

Recapper: Shut up, Cousin Matthew.

TIM: But look at my screen. I'm highlighting Stephen's neighborhood, because Charlotte asked me to locate it for her. Now there's evidence of psychic activity, there.

Cara: Crap. Charlotte is looking for John.

Charlotte: Well, I was, but then Julian found me.

Stephen: We don't know it's you yet, though. The computer in the Ultra vehicle detects the same psychic signal in my neighborhood that TIM showed Cara and Russell. I figure it's John and that I can intervene, but it's a little hard once Julian kicks me out of the van and shoots a tranq dart into my chest.

Julian: Bomb in my brain, people. Sorry.

Stephen: I tele-cry out to John to warn him Julian's on the way to my house. He's got to get out of there.

John: I'm not at your house.

Stephen: *Collapses*

Charlotte: Yeah, it's me. And yeah, Julian grabs me.

Audience: And your little dog doll, too?

Doll: No, sillies. I'm the clue.

Sponsors: A word.

Recapper: After the break, Stephen wakes. I can't decide if John slaps him awake, or if the blocking and the shot is just weird.

John: *Whistles*

Stephen: What happened?

John: I found you on the street, not far from Charlotte's doll. Why didn't you tell me Julian was back and that you play with dolls?

Stephen: I thought Ultra was going to strip him of his powers. I've got to get there. And I don't play with dolls.

John: And I've got to go back to where I should have been all along. Doll player.

Stephen: When I get to Ultra, my keycard won't open Charlotte's cell and she's trapped in there with Julian.

Jed: I'll reactivate it as soon as the emergency is over.

Stephen: You've got a little girl trapped in there with a maniac.

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Tomorrow People




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