Tomorrow People
Enemy Of My Enemy

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Cooking With John

John: Ease up. Clearly, I'm needed here. The girl is in slippers.

Audience: She's home!

Astrid: And disinclined to leave. I can't eat. I can't sleep. I can't leave the house. I know it's not his fault, but I'm scared to be around Stephen.

John: I have my own reasons to fear being out and about.

Astrid: If anything happens, you can teleport to safety. People like me die in car accidents and get struck by lightning.

Recapper: I'm pretty sure that can happen to Tomorrow People, too.

John: You need to take a leap. I can help, but first things first. We find you some shoes. C'mon.

Recapper: Now you're counseling teenaged girls and advising them on footwear. TAINT!

John: She saved my life.

Recapper: Anyhow, we flashback to John and Cara's first meeting.

John: I tell Cara that since I found her, Ultra could, too. We've got a better chance of surviving together, than apart.

Jack Shephard: Live together. Die alone.

Recapper: Just don't Die Antwoord.

Cara: Ahem. You want to help me out of the goodness of your heart.

John: You're the best telepath I've ever met. *PROP PROP PROP* Together, we can find others.

Jin-Soo Kwon: Others! Others!

Recapper: Hush, baby. Not now.

Cara: Anyhow, clearly, I'm not buying what John's selling yet, so I dig at him, knock him down and teleport away. Once I'm safely on the street, I take his watch out of my pocket and smile.

Stephen: When I get to Ultra, I find out Julian has been released. He's taken agents with him to track a group of paranormals.

Cara: Meanwhile, the gang and I go shopping.

Recapper: You mean shoplifting.

Russell: I'm still exercising my gummy quirk of the week.

Audience: Yawn.

Julian: I find Russell at the cold cut case. We fight. Other agents join in. Someone tasers him.

Recapper: And Cara -- the world's most awesome telepath -- doesn't suspect a thing. Also, she's shopping for supplies for a big group of people, using not a grocery cart, but one of those handbaskets.

Audience: Maybe once she unloads the groceries from her handbasket, she can go to hell in it.

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Tomorrow People




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