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Enemy Of My Enemy

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Cooking With John

John: In Stephen's room, I'm shirtless, sweaty (but only in the sexy way) and hanging from Stephen's attic stairs, doing inverted sit-ups. You're welcome.

Recapper: Stop pandering, Show.

Stephen's Computer: I Fink U Freeky and I like you a lot.

Recapper: Warning. I could only watch about 30 seconds of that video. My God.

God: You can leave me right of out this, thanks.

Recapper: Sorry, Lord. Was it the language?

God: Heavens, no. I've been listening to your filthy mouth forever, haven't I? That video is visually and musically repulsive, but I was talking about this recap -- the whole show.

Recapper: If the show gets cancelled, please help the cast and crew get new work -- especially those below the line. I don't want anyone losing their livelihood or anything. I just want them to stop making this show so they can make something better.

God: Tubey told you that you could stop covering it.

Recapper: Yes, but I feel obligated to see this thing through the season.

God: So why did you stop in the middle of your write-up to talk to me?

Recapper: Would you believe… because it's Lent?

God: No. I mean, I know it is, but that didn't bother you last night when you "forgot" you were giving up wine. And it's not going to bother you after you finish this weecap and again "forget" you're giving up wine.

Recapper: I plead extenuating circumstances.

God: Well, the show's not going off the air for all of Lent.

Recapper: More's the pity.

God: Agreed, but this is Television WITHOUT Pity. After this is done, you've got a week off. Get your act together. And stop taking my name in vain.

Recapper: Yes, Lord.

John: So… that happened. Anyhow, Astrid is clearly down and doesn't want to meet me at the Noodle Bar, so I teleport to her swanky house.

Recapper: So let me get this straight: Astrid is on Ultra's radar in a big "two kill squads" way. Ultra monitors outlays of paranormal energy, caused by activities such as teleportation. You just teleported into Astrid's house. This should not end with her getting killed how, exactly?

John: Because I'm me.

Recapper: Thank you for making my point. This is your taint, John. Your taint!

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Tomorrow People




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