Tomorrow People
Enemy Of My Enemy

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Cooking With John

Cara: How do I know I can trust you?

Stephen: Back in the present, I stop by Astrid's house, because she hasn't been to school in a week. She claims she's sick, but I know she's just afraid of Ultra. I tell her I've fixed everything with my uncle, and she's now safe.

Cara: I don't want anywhere near him, so I close the door in his face as I mumble about being contagious.

Jed: At Ultra, I'm about to de-SUPE Julian when he presents me with an offer.

Julian: I can deliver Cara and crew to you.

Jed: Tell me more.

Sponsors: Allow us.

Cara: After the break, the lair livers are doing inventory. We'll go topside tonight for provisions.

Russell: My quirk of the week? I need beer and good German gummy bears.

Charlotte: Can I come with you?

Cara: Not this time, honey. Someone's got to hold down the fort here.

Audience: Doing what, exactly? If you think it's too dangerous for the kid, why don't you just tell her that? And shouldn't you leave someone behind to watch out for her?

Cara: My script. Let me show you it.

Stephen: I arrive and tell Cara and Russell that Julian is at Ultra.

Russell: But I make sure to prop Cara first by noting she's got the lair spinning like a top.

Audience: Maybe we'll get dizzy. It would be nice to feel something -- anything, again.

Stephen: Did you not hear me? Ultra has Julian.

Russell: So when I run into him on the street, he'll be powerless? Grudge match!

Cara: Russell has almost as much reason to hate Julian, as Julian has to hate me.

Stephen: You don't have to worry about that anymore.

Cara: (coldly) Yeah. Thanks for the news.

Recapper: Is she mad at Stephen for something I can't remember?

Jed: Back at Ultra, Julian crows about how he can find Cara, because he taught her everything she knows.

Julian: How's that for an assurance?

Jed: Not feeling it.

Ultra Agent: I shoot something up Julian's nose.

Jed: We've just injected an explosive charge into your sinus cavity. It will go off in 18 hours, unless I disarm it. What you do with that time is up to you.

Audience: Since Julian is telekinetic, why can't he just psychically push that charge out of his nose, like an explosive snot rocket?

Script: *crickets*

Recapper: Let's pretend it expanded once it was in his sinus cavity, and pushing it out would tear him up.

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Tomorrow People




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